Tuesday, August 11

Tuesday Eve, Aug 11th... Another Day of Healing... Am I Gonna Be Able to Stand This Much Longer???

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Boy o boy... this is tougher than I thought it was gonna be... I hate doing nothing! The problem is that I have things I want to do...things I need to do and things I have to do. I’m already bored with sitting around healing!
Today I went to several stores...bought supplies for fixing a hose...fixed the hose...cleaned the pool filter...emptied the dish washer...ate and SAT AROUND. That’s it...except for slowly walking out to leave the animals out, gather eggs and put the animals away with Vick this evening. I did do a lot of computer work in getting the book ready to send to the printer as soon as I get to Vick’s brothers to do a little graphic design work with him on his Corelle program. Once that is done and I scrape up the required amount for a hundred copies to start with, we’ll send it off to the printers. It should be in print by October... we hope. I’ve added the front and rear covers so you all can see what I’ve been doing all this time.

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This is the book cover of my collection of poetry

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This is the back cover...

Looks like the health care reform debate is gonna last a long, long time. I wouldn’t want to be Obama even if he was popular... and right now, he is not. Another thing I wouldn’t be caught dead doing is backing this stupid plan like Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania is doing. I’m afraid there will be a bunch of politicians that might just go down with the ship over this one. The bottom line on this health care thing is that we all pay too much for the care we receive and the nurses don’t get paid enough. The doctors continue to face law suits and have to pay crazy amounts for insurance against them, which we all pay for in the end. I’d like to take some of these deadbeat, law suit happy shysters and punch them right in the head. It’s simply just another case of lawyers and politicians wrecking America by allowing this to continue...and now the politicians want to change everything which will reduce the care we receive. I’m not to full of big headed doctors either...they used to be thick as thieves and would condone the sleazy performance of some lousy physicians when they should have run them out of the profession, and as a result, they are usually not trusted now either. I have a very thorough physicians assistant and I am very, very happy with her...so much so that I literally trust her with my life. I cannot say that for the doctors I have had in my life. Marylou is a paramount care provider and can hold her head high. Kudos to you Marylou!!!!!

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