Wednesday, August 12

Wed. Aug. 12th... “Push em back, push em back...Wayyyyy Back... Remember?

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Sounds like an old high school cheer for our team...right? Well that is what America is doing right now...trying to support each other and allow democracy to work as it should. Seldom before have Americans stuck together and made the crooked politicians “sell” their program. Far too many times we just sit back and allow anything our legislators prescribe for us; what ever they feel we should need or have. This choice by them, of course, usually doesn’t encumber their lives or how they will do things, because they are always exempt from their own decisions. WOW...would I ever love to make just one decision in my life that wouldn’t impact on me. worries that my plan would fall apart and leave me in worse shape than I was before, and I wouldn’t have to worry about hidden information that would pop up later causing me embarrassment and money. How neat it must be to become a politician. How wonderful to hold the future of other people in your hands... making God-like decisions that will determine their lives beyond today, next week and for years. Great...that is, until the little people join together to start creating among them, a voice that starts to rise above the politicians chant......gaining momentum and becoming a thundering demand for explanation of their creation and the incessant backlash against them force feeding the public their rancid confections... It has even come down to the head honcho making statements like, "I also don't think insurance company bureaucrats should be meddling" Or “We’re not going to make so called “death panels” that decide who is treated and who is left to die because they are too old and it costs too much to treat them.” Then of course there is the most famous of all quotes by Obama saying......... “As long as they have a good product and the government plan has to sustain itself through premiums and other non-tax revenue, private insurers should be able to compete with the government plan”, Obama said.
"They do it all the time," he said. "UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. ... It's the Post Office that's always having problems."
Duhhhhhhhhhhhh... the Post Office....a federal, governmental entity????? Is it just me or shouldn’t that tell us something right there, Mr. President??? STAY OUT OF IT!!! The government should concentrate on things like our failing "Social Security System" and the illegal immigrants and other add on programs that are eating it up. Leave health care alone. Health care needs to be reformed alright... but not as you are recommending...just stop the lawyers and judges from awarding stupid, unbelievably, outrageous amounts of money in law suits that should never even exist.
Control the cost of hospitals and doctors malpractice insurance by getting freeloader shysters out of neck braces and off crutches and the cost of health care will come down. In fact...the control of all lawyers, Insurance companies and judges would eliminate a ton of problems and free up the judicial system for more important things. Then maybe we could address the “swinging door policy” for criminals that are constantly turned loose on our streets.
With all these concerns...would it be any wonder Vicki and I never know what we are going to do in any day? What if someone needs us to figure out how to deal with an international problem???? All I can say to you is that “You know my email addy Mr. President...For God’s sake... please don’t hesitate to call if you need our help! Being retired and constantly trying to figure out how to survive with stupid rules and laws that people like you jam down our throats, keeps us at the pinnacle of our wits and always available...

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