Thursday, August 13

Thurs Aug 13th... Ready for another round of publishing calls to the printer...

Remove Formatting from selection
Remove Formatting from selection
This morning, will finish up the last of publishing corrections and launch us into a new area... dealing with the printer at Offset Paperback Manufacturers, located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. We will contact the next step in the circuit of publishing, by arranging the finalization and release form today if everything can be resolved quickly and easily over the phone with that lady. After that, we fax the order form/approval sheet and we then wait for the hardcopy sample. Hopefully after today, that is what we will be waiting on.

Going out right now to leave all the animals out and I’ll take the camera as I’ve promised to before to shoot a few pictures of the Vermont Bunnies and daily bird escape! Stay tuned for pictures.....

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