Friday, August 7

Friday August 7th... We’re Off On Another Day...MRI Results are Back...Uh Ohhh...

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We got a call yesterday from Marylou about the results of the MRI which I had done last week. It came back showing about what I expected it would show... that there were a lot of really long and hard miles put on this old body.
I have a bit of degenerative disc disease, a few slightly bulged discs and a slight lumbar spinal stenosis......all of which are probably very normal for a 58 year old that has basically abused their body for forty eight of those years.....
The thing that is really of interest, is the results of my bloodwork, which was done the day Marylou made the MRI showed a level of CPK enzymes, twice the normal limit. This isn’t in itself an alarming thing to me...especially with Vick being a registered nurse who is very much on top of things. I trust her judgment at the same level as Marylou’s, so I’m pretty well taken care of. We know that elevated CPK enzymes can occur from heavy exertion from work or exercise. We also know that I spent one and a half hours on the roof putting purlins on a day or so before the blood test. Marylou checked me for an under-active thyroid which was normal and we will run more bloodwork to narrow the cause of elevation. We’re also sure that prostate cancer isn’t a concern, because I have no problems in that area, but Marylou will run that check also. Vick has read much about the effects of psoriatic arthritis and found that it can elevate several different enzymes, so we’ll just wait and see. I go this morning around 11:30 to give her more blood for the tests.

Getting a hair cut, along with Vick after that and then back to the farm to do whatever needs doing. Rear deck project came out great...Pictures later...Lots of pictures to update you all.

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