Thursday, August 6

Thurs. Aug 6th... Let’s Face it... Some are Legit... some are "fershit"...but most just forget...

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The post of yesterday was answered with a few opinions about the health care reform package President Obama has proposed...and as was pointed out, he has requested that people snitch on each other about the opinions (especially negative ones) about his package, by calling a hot line. That’s all and well if people are causing a stir, just trying to block its passage with lies and bullcrap, and I thoroughly despise the racist “minstrel type white faced” poster which is totally out of line and very juvenile of its creator! Extremely POOR taste!
I have looked at the proposed package and am not saying the president isn’t intelligent in his attempt, or that he is doing something underhanded, or that he is knowingly, trying to pass legislature that will be bad for anyone. I really think he is trying to make a viable plan that will work, but those around him which advise or suggest or “egg him into things”, I’m not so sure of... Remember, the black text is both saying what is proposed and how I interpret the statement
can or could be interpreted. I’m not saying that is the intent of President Obama in any of my interpretations, so I think I’m entitled to my thoughts without retribution from some presidential hit squad. People simply need to know that things as important as this need to be looked at positively and completely, because “honest people sow the flowers that dishonest people later reap into poisons.”

On a more positive note...Adam and Matt, the roofers, came back yesterday afternoon with the last two pieces of metal roofing and within a few minutes, had the roof completed. After that we sat and chatted with them under the roof, enjoying it, since they had a small part in its creation. Vick then presented each with their formal invitation to come to our next “friends BBQ & Clam roast” when we have it and to bring their wives. Usually Vick will pick up a bag of four hundred Maine clams, some burgers, dogs, sausage and sweet corn and we have a friendly get together to feast and chat with people we have worked with around the farm over the last year. Usually everyone who is family, friends, contractors or customers come to the gala event. This year under roof.
We will probably have one soon...before the end of summer or just into fall when it cools down a bit, making it comfortable to cook and sit outside.

Today, we go to the bank again. We went yesterday, but didn’t have all the materials we needed and it was an early close day. Today we will go and open accounts. They are SO MUCH BETTER than the bank we are leaving. Everything we now pay for is free! We should have checked this earlier, but they were where we first went when we moved up here and we remain loyal to those that treat us right, then they started now we are the ones changing. Bye-Bye...

As soon as my back is stronger (which appears to happen daily now) I can install the ceiling fan above the table under the new deck roof, which will have a light. We can then use the light out there in the evening and turn the fan on to blow the mosquitoes away from us...that way we can sit out there on sticky hot nights and listen to the soft music that is piped out, to weather proof speakers. NICE..

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