Monday, August 17

Mon Eve, Aug 17th... Super hot days Usually End in Thunder Storms...But...

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Wow... I’m really surprised at this weather. Usually when you have two days in a row with stifling brutal heat and humidity, the skies open up in the evening, as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees and we’re drowned in a downpour. We haven’t even seen a hint of a dribble nor is there anything forecast to occur until early Wednesday morning, when they are calling for thunder showers around midnight and then steady rain all day Wednesday. We need it, so it probably won’t materialize until this hurricane comes ashore and drives rain up along the coast. Perhaps that might occur by Wednesday...who knows, but I wouldn’t count on filling my canteen on their predictions.

Well after going to get our utility trailer welded by the guy down the road, we asked what we owed him for the repair and he replied that we could stop at the Green Hill Café and buy him a lunch...... then before we could say “Ok, Great” he rethought his statement and said, “Ya know, that was probably a $2.00 repair, just forget the lunch... in fact, why don’t you folks just go on home and forget it.” We were flabbergasted...we were more than happy to buy him lunch and figured the repair to be worth far more than $2.00 or a lunch and we told him that we wanted to pay him for his time and materials on such a hot day. He said no... So we left for home. When we got here, we unhooked the trailer and let the dogs out to do their business before heading out to eat lunch. We went to Green Hill Café and got a $20.00 gift certificate in the welders name and had Frank hold it until Tommy came in for his next meal. They said he was single and ate there all the time, so we know he will enjoy the better part of two meals on Vick and I. The important thing to Vicki and me was that we got the trailer hinge fixed AND... We made a new friend. A generous friend; now that’s worth more than we could ever pay in dollars and cents.

When we got home, we vacuumed the pool again and Vicki took a test of the water and added everything we needed to make it right. Later, she went in and swam for awhile. I cannot go in without suffering immensely with the psoriasis getting soft and opening up. Maybe if I get the nerve, I’ll go in and let it open up. Maybe the healing time will be worth it if the chlorine kills it and it dries up like it used to. It is sore as can be until it dries up though, so I want my work caught up if I try it.

When the sun went down, I mowed the grass until long after dark, when I stopped to eat. That was around 9:00 or so... a good hour after dark. I’ll finish the other side yard tomorrow.

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