Tuesday, August 18

Tues Aug 18th... Yowl... 80° in the shade on the rear deck @ 10:15... Gonna Be Hot...

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It’s early yet and already the temperature in the shade is 80°. I hate leaving the chickens out this early, because hawks are grocery shopping until around noon and the new chicks are a prime finger food for ol’ Mister Hawk...but we can’t leave everything closed up in this heat. I need to get them out and open up the buildings and turn on the fans in the doorways to move air about.
I guess since I’m out there and will be soaked by the time I open up and get everything going, I might as well finish the mowing I started last evening. I mowed about an hour after dark, which finished up the area west of the house, now the area east of the house needs finished, I did the northern and southern sections before dark. After I finish the mowing, I’ll check back and give updates.
I’m also waiting on my printer to contact me with instructions for data transfer for the book. Be back later...

Say it isn't sooooooo..... Vicki just reminded me that we hacve a doctors appointment at 11:00 in Guilderland... roughly 35 minutes from here and it's now 11:14......Sheeeesem.

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