Wednesday, August 19

Wed. Aug 19th... A little rain helps... but all too little. The pond is dangerously low!

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Last evening the dark clouds rolled in just at dusk. A little later, as we were sitting at the table enjoying corn on the cob, the heavens opened and it rained hard for several minutes. After that, it rained scantly, if at all most of the time, up until the time we went to bed and perhaps a few more times throughout the night. Through all this, there was not a noticeable dent put into the low condition of the Pupskill bay lake pond......... I’m glad that when we repaired the pond, we had it dredged to a depth of sixteen feet in the center or the fish would have to walk right now. It is really low.

The critters fight daily to find cool spots to wait out the sunny day. Some chickens flock near the railing at the back deck, some have found they can go in under the deck and bed down in the cool dirt there. Some of the ducks nest against every tree along the edge of the pond, because the water is about as hot as coffee in the mid-day sun. The kittens lay near the bottom of the door to the hay loft, on the steps, because cool air flows down the steps and filters under the door and that is their air conditioning in the barn until the evening hours when breezes purge the hot air out, replaced with evening breezes. We have installed a fan in the loft to aid in this exchange of air and it does effectively send air out the roof eves and allow cooler air from within the barn to replace it.

The angora bunnies are cooler than one would expect, because their hair (fiber) keeps them cool in the summer, as well as warm in the winter. We still instituted another two fans into the room to assist them though. Now the original fan removes air and the two new 20” box fans draw air in from the entryway of the barn and the shaded porch area outside the alpaca’s stalls. This helps replace the hot air from the room with cool air from shaded areas in and outside the barn. We also place a few frozen plastic water bottles in beside them several times a day. They enjoy lying against them and licking the condensation off of the outside of the bottle.

I finished the lawn mowing yesterday, late in the afternoon, just before the dark rain clouds came rolling in. I was glad I started a little earlier than I originally intended, but I knew the rain was coming and I didn’t want to get stuck. It wasn’t to start until midnight, but started around 8:15, which is when I like to mow. Mowing in the dark is much cooler and you can see every little blade of grass sticking up in the headlights, which can be missed in the daylight. Also, I prefer mowing around the pond in the daylight hours due to the lack of lighting if backing up is necessary, because around the pond edge, one false move and you’re “swimmin’ wit da fishes”. Now a dip in the pond wouldn’t be that bad, but losing the tractor in dats a nudder song I dun wanna sing!

Oh yeah... the Doctor gave me another back treatment and wants me to go to my primary care physician for a complete physical including the digital prostate exam.
Now ain’t that a pain in the butt! I have an appointment pending at the bone and joint center in Albany for the future sometime too. They are going to look at my major problem which is the hamstring or whatever I screwed up when I fell off of the back of the truck that day a month ago. And that’s about all there is about that too.......
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