Wednesday, August 19

Wed Eve Aug 19th... Got an emergency appointment at the Bone & Joint Center...

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Today was a fun day... did nothing... saw much... enjoyed immensely.....and came home to a recorded phone message. I got up this morning at 6:30 to work on web pages for a little while. I might be making a special web page for a friend which will serve his business far better than the one he now has and for a much more reasonable monthly cost. All that is necessary is that I can obtain files and video from the other site to personalize this one for him. We’ll see. I have captured the embedded flash videos that couldn’t be gotten before, so we’ll see if he’s interested in going through with it. I also have another friend that wants me to help her with her art, on a personal domain web site that can be accessed by search engines. Joan is an excellent artist from the Schoharie area and unless you know her site address, you can’t find her site. Her name is not recognized by any of the search engines, so her site is rarely visited. What she didn’t know was that engines search the parent page and if you are a .com/JoanJones... it is next to impossible for you to get many hits.....if any. We will put her up front with and give her the proper tags and she will begin to get traffic unlike before. We can also place her artwork in a few more strategic areas and pick up more and more traffic daily. We’ll compliment each other nicely, since I want to learn about Pastel painting and she needs help with web pages... Vick will learn from us both, just for being a nice, friendly person. (Although she has no interest in web pages....especially with me as her admiring, loving husband and top promoter of her artwork!!!)

We have an egg customer coming back tomorrow to pick up a load of Alpaca beans for his garden. He wanted to take a plastic bag full in his SUV this morning with a load of family members, but I finally discouraged throwing a garbage bag of doo-doo in his vehicle.....especially a flimsy plastic bag. I talked him into coming back with proper containers or a trailer tomorrow. He is coming in the morning so I am here to hold the bag as he shovels the poop into a bag lined container. I should be selling the manure, but he can have it for free if he comes for it and shovels it up.
Ohhh yeah... The recorded phone message we returned home to this was my doctor. She made me an emergency appointment.... so after the guy comes tomorrow for the poop, we will make our way to the Albany Bone and Joint Center, where my doctor made an emergency appointment for my knee or leg, thigh, sciatic, hamstring, tendon, ligament or whatever injury suffered to my right anterior patella area, when I fell off of the rear bumper of the truck several weeks ago. There is a knot which comes and goes behind the knee and when I rotate it just right, it feels like it locks up and I can’t move it without forcing it, and then it feels like it pops loose and then I can relax it. If I pick my foot up and my toe catches under the brake pedal in the car....... that does it too. BIG TIME... only it doesn’t lock up... it just hurts like hell. A chair that cuts into the back of your leg agitates it too...... Oh well, anyway......after tomorrow, we’ll know if it will heal on its own or whether I have to go under the knife..... I hope not, I had the other knee cut for a torn meniscus in 1999 or 2000. I didn’t much like that and I’m sure this wouldn’t be any better. This crap takes too long to heal and I have things to do.

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