Thursday, August 20

Thurs Aug 20th... Wow....Been busy with egg sales and Alpaca poop...and SLOW...

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We're off to the Doctors Office!

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Everybody and their brother were here this morning early... I got up and worked on some web page data and they started showing up, looking for eggs. I sold a bunch and then went out to shovel the Alpaca doo doo for guy that is supposed to come for it today. While out there Mike and his grandchildren came for eggs and to see the duck they gave us. He brought a friend by the name of Arthur along for eggs, but all we had was duck eggs and he didn’t think he would like them.
I assured him that they were my pick and he took two dozen to try. Now I won’t have as many duck eggs for me, because I gave Jack four to try too. Now that’s two more people that will be buying them rather than chicken eggs.
That said, I’m now heading for the shower to get ready for my emergency appointment to have my knee or leg checked out. It’s a good thing, because I was moving in super slow gear this morning with a pulling sciatic pain up the back of my leg to the butt cheek. Boy that has you tip-toeing along .......really slow.
More later.

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