Thursday, August 20

Thurs Eve Aug 20th.... What a Mixed Up Day..... Good & Bad News Abounds.....

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Wow... even when my news is good and bad, I actually gotta admit it is good and not so good. I’m really a fortunate kinda guy, because no matter what they tell me I can rebound and come back feeling more fortunate than most.
First of all, I ruptured (tore) my hamstring of the right leg and it will take six weeks to heal... Bad news.... YET......I already have a good four weeks of healing already done since I injured it......GOOD NEWS...
Next, after several blood tests and monitoring my elevated CPK enzymes, they are falling and now we know it was caused by the muscle damage of the torn hamstring. GOOD NEWS.....
They also did a bunch of X-rays of my knees to see about the pain and burning in front and above and below the knees..... These showed significant arthritic deterioration of the hooscidooter stuff in the knee joints.... and that I will definitely need both knees replaced.... BAD NEWS..... However, I don't have to have my knees replaced until I am ready to do it......Good NEWS. The funny thing is that I don’t ever have any pain directly in the knee joint itself.....GOOD NEWS.....And I only have anterior pain, above and below.... BAD NEWS...... Sooooooo, I guess one fine day I will have enough pain that I will not have any problem scheduling for replacements. At that point, I will check in at a repair station, have the old parts cut out and new ones hammered into place, have a road test and be back under way. (After a short break-in period or re-hab)
Now...I don’t know if that is good or bad news...or where one stops and the other begins, BUT.....
Just before we left for all this to take place, I digitally sent my PDF files of my poetry book and the JPG file of the wrap-a-round cover to the printer and they replied that everything was correct and received into their FTP file correctly. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for a FedEx truck to bring the hard copy addition to us for approve and then it’s off to the printer, soon after that, a truck will drop ship cartons of books here and I’ll be a published author....
NOW THAT’S SOME GOOD NEWS................ Don’t ya know?

Now all we need to do is start buying matt material and cut matts for Vicki's artwork, get Giclee prints made of all her originals made and frame them so we can do a public display and sale of her works in the banks or the library gallery.
She has already sold pieces of commissioned pet portraits, so she is already my farm artist Laureate (and sweetie)
NOW that's GREAT NEWS.....Don't ya also know???

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