Friday, August 21

Friday Aug 21st... A New Day and I’m On The Mend... Just have to continue easy...

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I got up this morning feeling finer than usual. That Cortisone shot has worked wonders for the fact, I virtually have no pain at all...anywhere!!!!!
Now, being a retired EMT and being married to a Registered Nurse, I’m smart enough to know that Cortisone is a steroid that simply reduces inflammation and tricks your body into thinking there is no I am smart enough to remain steadfast in not using it and using the crutch they provided me to walk with until I get at least two more weeks under my belt and the pain of pulling my heal back against my thigh quits. I just went out and let the critters out, then gathered eggs on one crutch and did well. Vicki still has to tend the cats up in the loft, but I played with them a little on the steps this morning. I should have fed them on the steps since I didn’t want to climb the stairs......but I didn’t. That’s ok, Vick will want to go out to feed them and look at the chickens anyway.
It again looks as if we have some chickens with colds. Several are walking around shaking their heads, and gasping for air. The extreme heat doesn’t help either. We will get them on some additives for their water to see if it can give them a little relief. If not, we will go into a shutdown in egg sales and give them antibiotics. During the 2 weeks of medication, we will gather eggs to cartons and place them in the brooding house. After week one, we will put them into the one incubator...and after the second week is gathered in the brooding house, we will put them into the other incubator. That way we will not sell eggs during the medication treatments and the eggs will not be wasted, but hatched. New chicks are always fed medicated feed so it won’t matter when the chicks are hatched.
We will only treat our flock with antibiotics for a week and then allow a week for the meds to clear the birds system before resuming egg sales.
I worked on my third book this morning called “Life in the Barren World”, which is a book about me growing up as a youth of twelve years old in central Pennsylvania, right next to the massive acreage of the Scotia Mines, opened in 1881 by Carnegie Bros. & Co, who also built a railroad to haul the ore. Andrew Carnegie named them Scotia after his native Scotland. A Bellefonte company bought the property in 1899 and worked it to 1912. Mining ended when the much-superior ores of the Lake Superior region were developed. In all, 1.7 million tons of ore were taken out of Scotia, at a grade of about 10-15% Fe, which amounted to only 11,333,333.33 pounds of raw iron. To gain such a small amount of raw iron, they had to deface a large area with a maximum working depth of 75 to 100 feet in the major mine pit. When this venture was abandoned around WWII, the land started to recover, but not before we, as growing kids were able to claim this 6,400 acre playground as our own and enjoy the many interesting things created there. We spent many a day exploring and playing anywhere and everywhere throughout this vast area. I have many memories of childhood shenanigans committed there and lots of funny and interesting tales to tell. This book is actually another great pleasure to write. Just like my second book, “It All Began with a Puppy...Our Uncommon Journey”, which is now in publishing’s second writing. I work on it for awhile and then this one.

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