Saturday, August 22

Sat. Aug 22nd... Wholly Poop... Summer is Almost Over...The Trees Are Turning!!!

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I got up this morning and worked on a web page proposal again for our friend and personal Chiropractor in Guilderland. After working at it for an hour or so, I went out and left the critters loose to run and sold a few dozen eggs, cleaned, candled, boxed and refrigerated the morning eggs, then sat down to an egg sandwich and a coffee. When Vick was ready, we took off for Agway to get some chicken feed and crushed corn. After getting half a load of feed, we returned to the farm and parked the truck under the overhang so we can get the feed out later.

Summer is all but over! We saw maple trees at the Agway store that are starting to turn amber and red, indicating that fall is just around the corner... AROUND THE CORNER....... simply another nine days and we will be into September. Now that’s about as close to fall as you can get!!! We wanted so badly to finish the hospice gift shop before fall, so we could have a big open house with it completed and stocked full of art related items. We wanted to have the media here to cover the event so we would get some added exposure making our donations to The Columbia-Greene Hospice and Palliative Care program as much as possible. We’ll have it, but it may not be as soon as we’d hoped for with me being laid up and on crutches with the torn hamstring for awhile longer yet. After I get off the crutches, we’ll jump back into the building mode and get it done pretty quickly.

When we get into fall, we plan on attending some of the fall events this year. There is the Wool & Fiber Show at the Rhinebeck fair grounds, the Dutchess County fair, the Washington County fair, the Apple Festival at Altamont fair grounds, just to mention a few. There are a lot of fall foliage festivals in northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire we could attend also. We missed a bunch last year, but this year we plan to attend as many as we can.

I had a meeting this afternoon with the new patient coordinator from the chiropractic office about developing their web site for them. It looks as though Jim liked the sample pages I did for them, so it looks as though I will be securing a domain for them from the web client I use and I’ll be developing a site for them as quickly as they want it. I can complete a customized site in less than a week if I can get the data from their office as needed. It will be fun and a good way to generate a few extra bucks......

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