Monday, August 31

Monday, Aug. 31st... Our Baby is Home and Doing Well... No More Stones in There.

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We were supposed to pick her up around three O’clock this afternoon, but they called at one Pm and said Snavely was ready to come home and was doing really great. Boy, was I relieved to hear that... because I was worried just as much as Vick, but would never let on or say that in light of her driving me crazy since this morning when her eyes opened......actually she was awake all night long and worrying into the wee hours of the morning. Vicki and Snavely slept this afternoon for a good two hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Me too).
How funny life is... especially when you know that God looks out for you and yours. I finished a blog page for a doctor which will pay me $550.00 for the completed site and today’s surgery was $597.00 total. The funnier thing is that the doctor got a new patient the first day the site hit the internet, which will pay for the site if that patient undergoes the spinal decompression therapy. I will be the first to admit that God has been good to me...even through all the really stupid bad decisions I’ve made through the years...
We have had a lot of folks email us and some comments on the blog about good wishes about today’s surgery and Snavely’s rapid recovery. It’s nice to know that so many people wish us well. Thank you all my friend’s. Vicki feels the very same way I do and we consider ourselves rich in your friendship.
We now have about sixteen new chicks in the brooding house and at least one more hatching. That only leaves four eggs un-hatched and the three chicks that died during hatching. Not too bad...and who knows, I haven’t candled the four remaining eggs yet. Some of them could hatch tonight, but I will candle them in the morning and look for life. This is the last of the hatching for the year though. It is getting brisk at night and in the mornings, so better we leave new hatches for next spring.
We will be having a bunch of new layers in another month or so, then about 21 chicks that are about five weeks old and the new ones under the heat lamp. The 21 will be ready to join the Juvenile population in the brooding house in another week or two...Maybe three if necessary. It depends on their feather production... I like for them to be completely feathered on their breast area and back. Then you know they are ready to mingle with the Juveniles....
My poetry book will arrive tomorrow in the unbound proof addition. If all is ok with that, we will send the release and within a week or so I should have a couple cases of finished books. I’ve already sold the first copy to a lady in Lititz, Pa. She follows the blog daily and has expressed an interest in purchasing the first autographed addition. Hang in there Sharon; I’ll number it as the authors #1 book from the first printing... Hope you make a million dollars off of it after I’m dead and gone. You know...when I’m extremely famous and on the best seller lists world-wide.....’s possible...maybe.... with luck.....maybe

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