Saturday, August 1

Sat. Eve, Aug 1st... A Long Day and Got A Lot Done... Kitten Story...A Sad Tale......

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We started the day as planned with over seventeen dozen eggs going to the Farmers Market, along with a four-pack of Turkey Eggs. We sold out as expected around 11:30, so after taking all the display stuff and the table home, we headed for GNH to see the lady that gave us the kittens, because Calli and Kaylee were obviously sick when we checked on them after returning home. They both appeared to be dehydrated.......possibly from the Vet’s worming, but we wanted to make sure no one else’s kitten had gotten sick too. None had, according to Sue, the lady we got Calli and Kaylee from, so we headed for Agway to see if we could get injectable Saline to hydrate them until we could get them to drink and eat. Their stool was normal, but they were skinny and wobbly on their feet and purred a lot. We got a powdered electrolyte mixture for kittens which we could mix with water and inject into their mouth, but they had no Saline. ANYWAY..... We got the powdered stuff and when we got home, Vick mixed it up and injected some in their mouth, which they took, but didn’t like. Vick also took three teaspoons of salt to a quart of water and boiled it to make a Saline solution like she used to for wound care with her patients. She then injected this mixture under the skin Sub-Q to hydrate the kittens. After the injectable Saline and a couple of hours of additional doses of electrolytes by mouth, they seemed to start perking up and acting normal again. Now they are climbing the cage door, wanting back into the loft to run free and play. When we got home from the Farmer’s Market, they couldn’t stand up and both acted as if they were severely drunk.
Now for rest of the story, as Paul Harvey always used to say... We couldn’t get a Vet to look at these kittens without us first paying $110.00 each, as an emergency call, Plus anything that was done to them. We figured hydration to each... electrolyte doses, shots and the $110.00 emergency fee each, would come to around $500.00 total for both. Ridiculous you say? Not according to four DIFFERENT Vets! We paid $2.59 for the electrolytes at Agway and Vick made the Saline at home. The kittens are now back to normal and the Vet’s.....I no longer have time for...... None of em..... Now all we need to do is make sure we give these little guys some special treatment and feeding until they are fat, happy adult cats!

The bunnies are now separated and in their own cages.......the rear deck is almost done...all but two little sheets of metal roofing that should come in on Tuesday and Adam will swing around and throw them on, finishing it up.
Reggie’s Mom is now ok and living up here. They sped to the hospital where they removed fluids from around her heart and stabilized her (in Jersey) and Reggie brought her home to live with him. GOOD Boy Reggie... Only got one Mom! Take good care of her!! We know Keren will agree and help you with her. Hope everything goes well for Mom and both of you guys. If we can help...just call!

So....... kittens are doing better... Reggie’s Mom is doing better...... Keren and Reggie are now doing better...... now we can sit under our rear deck roof tomorrow in the rain and say everything is looking better.

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