Sunday, August 2

Sunday, Aug. 2nd... Another Rainy Day and Again My Back is Being Weird......

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I got awake this morning at six o’clock and after taking a good minute to get myself from a prone position to sitting on the edge of the bed, I then limped my way into the bathroom. I have no idea what is going on here, but it appears that the enduring pain in my left calf and right thigh while walking, seems to be coming from my lower back. I’ve never had a back injury or anything worse than a sore back for a day or two until lately. Oh well.........little does it matter, because I am going into the tube Monday morning at 10:something in the morning. I’ve been in the MRI before, so there is no apprehension about doesn’t bother me at all, so after Monday, we’ll know what the old back bone looks like and maybe why we have all this leg pain, which is slowly progressing. The scary thing is that Vick knows I didn’t do anything capable of causing this, so what’s going on inside me that is making my legs ache? I know how Vick thinks and I can’t quell her worry.’s raining here in upstate New York. Now that’s something we haven’t seen for a whole day! We need more rain, like a fish would need those little blow up water wings for kids, to help them swim! Everything around here is saturated and any drops that hit the ground now are destined for New York Harbor and believe me.....they will not stop anywhere along the way either. This was reportedly the wettest July in history for this part of New York, according to the news commentary the other day. We fear for the cost of hay for our Alpacas, which we should have gotten earlier.......because right now is not the time that we should be getting ours.....not right now, when I can’t walk well or do heavy work, and we won’t even think of the wife doing any of this kind of thing will we Vicki... my love and spinal decompression therapy survivor????
Anyway, what are we all to do? The farmer’s fields are so wet, that they probably won’t be able to get into them for the rest of the season, so any late planting will be out of the question and most of the crops that were being counted on for income, are rotted and lost. Yeah, Yeah, I know....this is where we complain about the cost of hay, produce and the trickle down effect of everything, which is dependant on all of the other things, but remember this one fact. It costs us more, but the farmer gets nothing for all the crops that rot and the days he cannot farm because he can’t get into his fields to work them. We pay more, but we’re still getting our income, which we must spend a little wiser........they don’t have any income to stretch! Hopefully they have some sort of crop insurance, because if they were farming and taking a chance with the weather, they’ve lost...big time this year.
I guess we’ll pay a little more for the hay, if we can find it and be happy we got it.

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