Saturday, August 29

Saturday, August 29th...The start of Today is Rainy, Gloomy and Cool...Like Fall....

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A lost beauty!
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Not long.... It certainly won’t be more than weeks until we start to see more and more color beginning in the maple trees. I’ve noticed that leaves are falling more and more frequently...gathering in our swimming pool, causing me more and more of a mess.
I really don’t know what to do with the pool this year. Cover it and the snow collapses it.... leave it open and it fills with dirt and collapses anyway. Cover the pool with a cover suspended from the deck and it still collapses. Perhaps I should just slam it with a pick on the side away from the house and dump the water before it collapses anyway. Jeeze ummm, makes you think of our choices mentioned in the new health care plan doesn’t it. Hemmmmmmm, collapse is matter how you say it. Ah, we’ll see...we’ll do something and hope for the best. (I mean with the pool)
Tomorrow, is the twenty eighth day for the eggs in the incubator and we should have chicks beginning to hatch. We have a brood which is about four to five weeks old in there already, so we will have enough replacements for the ones we lost to the cold epidemic of last week. Also, yesterday afternoon, Vick saw all the chickens and ducks running for the barn, so she yelled for me and I grabbed the 12 gauge shotgun and headed out the door. I saw nothing, but hobbled to the area all the birds had run from and I found feathers near the little barn. I followed a feather trail out into the woods and found the chicken kicking and taking its last breath. It was a beautiful Brahma layer, which had the usual several teeth marks on each side of her back....indicating a fox. Several months ago, I shot a male fox with a hen in its mouth. I suppose this is the female. I hate shooting her, but I cannot allow her free access to all our chickens either...and if I don’t shoot her...that is exactly what will happen. She will return again and again, until we have no chickens left.
Jeeze em... I just email the DEC about the decimation of the beaver colony on route 81, and now I’m blogging about snuffing a fox here. Seems contradictory doesn’t it? I guess here, I am trying to eradicate one for many and I can’t see where that applies to the pond along the road. If it had been a question of endangering the welfare of the public with water running across the road from the dam, I could see tearing it out, but it wouldn’t have. The water would simply breach the breast of their dam and gone where it now flows down the creek bank.
Life is so unfair at unfair.

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