Friday, August 28

Friday, Aug 28th... The Good...the Bad...and the Ugly...Right here in our lives...

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The good has magnified today in many ways here on the farm... We have a handle on the bird sickness in the barns. All the chickens were looking better this morning, with only one bird showing an eye pasted shut. Even at that, it only had one eye closed; this allowed it to see and eat, then go out with the other birds. Yesterday, we had at least a dozen such birds and several with both eyes closed. We treated them heavily with the VetRX liquid and sprayed heavily with the antiseptic spray we use. We are keeping a close eye on today’s progress too. More good news is that we found out what is wrong with Snavely Mill (our Sheltie) which has had a urinary infection for two weeks now and has been on antibiotics for almost two weeks and still peeing with a tinge of blood present. This morning she had an X-ray at the Vet’s and we found that her bladder is full of approximately forty to fifty kidney stones! Now that’s the bad news...but on Monday morning she will have them removed surgically and be on the mend. (It’s a good thing I just developed a web page... that will pay the bill)
Now for the UGLY news..... On our way home from the Vet’s office, we passed by my favorite beaver pond beside route 81 and to my utter disgust, I witnessed the worst disaster in nature. it road crew, state, county or township...completely decimated and destroyed the beavers pond, the landscape and the innocent beavers life. They simply ripped the dam out and drained the pond, removing natural habitat that didn’t compromise or endanger anyone or anything. It would have been better to simply shoot the beaver family and put them out of their misery as to destroy their life’s work, their home and food source. There are turtles, snakes, fish and many other creatures that will suffer the loss also. Why the D.E.C. allows this to happen, is a mystery to Vicki and I. If we wanted to drain the swamp out back, (which is a wetland) we would be informed immediately that it is a wet land and if we disturb it, we will be fined, yet these clowns not only disturbed this wetland....they destroyed it. I will write to them and forward pictures of the area before and after the senseless attack on these defenseless creatures of nature.

My Favorite spot ever... the Beautiful bever pond on route 81.

Such Northern Beauty....

Look at the lovely purple flowers and the image on the water......

All destroyed for what? So destroy an entire beaver colony.

See the beaver lodge out of the water now?

Now it is a mudd hole and mosquito den....
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