Thursday, August 27

Thurs Eve Aug 27th... Lousy day on the Farm...Sick Birds and Sore Knee...Phew...

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This is certainly becoming a lousy summer. (What’s left anyway?)
We have sick birds in the big barn, with eyes becoming pasted shut. It starts out as a cold like thing, where they have a clear discharge from their beaks, causing them to shake their heads. Then their eyes paste shut, which makes it impossible to see to eat or drink and the other birds peck at them, slowly wearing them down or causing severe injury to them. We have been running around, treating them with VetRX and swabbing their eyes, which will then open and they seem to want to eat and drink then. The other birds don’t peck them then either, and they seem to recover in about a day or so. We have however lost about 15 birds to it so far. It’s really a bummer trying to tend them on a crutch too, so Vick has been doing a lot of it herself, which I hate. She doesn’t like to be around the sick birds because she feels so bad for them and the deaths are really upsetting her. I try to do away with the dead ones so she doesn’t have to, but she has been doing it too. Man, we just can’t seem to catch a break.
The results were back from the Doppler and showed the Baker’s cyst, just like the guy said... and Julie and a few others called that one right long ago. Now what to do for it? Perhaps surgery.....if they say so. I don’t care... had the torn meniscus operated on years ago in Pa. and it was nothing...and now it must be better. Just like when they give the Cortisone...Everyone years ago said it hurt so badly when they administered it. Well, a few years sure makes a difference, because I felt nothing. I felt a little sting when he first jabbed me with the Lidocaine, but that numbed it immediately and he just popped the syringe off and stuck the Cortisone syringe on and injected it in without me feeling a thing. I’ll do that every six months for a good while before I have both knee joints replaced and give up six months of my life while they heal.
I just stopped writing to go out and help Vick get all the critters in and there is a marked improvement in all the sick birds. Obviously the VetRX oil is working. Its holistic medicine consisting of oil of Rosemary, Canada Balsam, oil of Origanum, Camphor oil, all blended in a corn oil base, so we don’t have to worry about the egg production of the birds. Besides, we want to be as organic as possible here, so giving them chemicals deemed unnatural isn’t good according to the tree huggers and such. Perhaps they’re too stupid to realize that there are only chemicals and elements which make up everything in nature and if I remember correctly chemicals are made up of natural elements.

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