Wednesday, August 26

Wed Aug 26th... Back from the Doppler appointment... with new News!

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Hello again..... We’re back from Greene County Imaging where I had the Doppler done on me. It has now been diagnosed that I have a Baker’s cyst...right where I felt and heard the pop. Obviously I super compressed the knee joint and forced fluid out of the joint causing an accumulation of blood or knee fluid into a membrane sac which is called a cyst. (Good call Julie) Now back to the primary care Doc to see what we’re gonna do about it!
No county fair today... Too late today, anyway. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow.

Got the chiropractic site up and operating on-line so we can see what we do and can make changes. That way the physician can follow the work and guide me along the way. I’ll post the address when we’re ready and that will give him a start on the search engines, because we show up everywhere with this blog. Anyway, I hope Mike is happy with the preliminary results of his site.

Now we’re off to visit another neighbor farmer down the road. We’ll be back later this evening....

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