Wednesday, August 26

Wed Aug 26th... Off to the Doctor for a test or two...

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The animals will have to stay inside today, because we have to go to Catskill, for me to get a doppler performed on my leg. It will take place at the Greene County Imaging. They want to be sure there isn't a blood clot in popliteal area (behind the knee) of my knee, where I felt the pop when I injured my leg. Maybe they should wait a bit longer and if there was one, it would maybe go away.... nothing like waitng a month after the injury to look for clots! I never went to the doctor until three weeks after I did it, so I'm just as guilty. Oh well. You live and then you die. That's how it works.
Today, after the doppler... we're going to the Washington County Fair. That's the living part! I'm goin even if it kills me too. The animals are pissed though, cause we won't let them out since we will be gone.

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