Tuesday, August 25

Tues Aug 25th... Sunrise, thoughts, desires and a time alone to achieve them......

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There is a special treat in greeting the sun...it’s almost as if you’re accepting a business card from the earth upon meeting...perhaps to preview the days itinerary and voice acceptance of the planned events. You wait for its arrival, the same as a business man with an appointment, awaits his reception with the intended liaison. All the while I wonder if the day will appear happy (sunny) with my proposal to spend my time with him, or will the day frown (rain) all over my parade? Each sunrise begins a new business meeting between me and the day and I’ve come to enjoy the day’s calling card with its beautifully colorful display of the day’s best.
This morning was no different... as the agent of the day arose to the occasion, spreading happiness over the surrounding area of our meeting place. Who in their right mind would not eagerly meet and enjoy the warmth and comfort spread by the day’s agent, who is a professional at announcing the arrival of its principle? Just take a look at the priceless picture and you will see the day’s calling card, which changes from day to day...every meeting.

Today I will try to contact my service rep at Offset Paperback Mfrs., Inc. of Dallas Pa. to see if my latest file for the cover of my poetry book is acceptable. Vick’s brother was gracious enough to bail me out on the pixilation problems, making the cover quite nice. Thanks Richie... you’ll never realize how much I appreciate it!

After that is put to bed and the book enters the physical proof printing, we will be able to go over it and comb the pages...again proof reading and checking it as a final works in the finishing stages of birth. After approval of the proof, it goes to the printing machine for the first 100 books. Then efforts will begin more seriously in the marketing area and submissions endeavors.... Should be fun...or at least an education.........

Also today I will email about a new webpage I am designing. I need to cover a few items of legal interest and necessity with the owner’s agent. The name of the newly created domain will be www.spinalaidguild.com which is solely in the birthing stages at this point. It is going to announce the excellent services of Dr. Michael C. Paster, D.C., of Guilderland. He performs brilliantly in the area of Chiropractic and physical care, using traditional therapy and the amazing, revolutionary, new technique of spinal decompression. Dr. Paster used this amazing therapy on Vicki with great success in healing her herniated disc last summer.
I am designing this site with great passion and resolve to get the word out and help Dr. Paster cure back pain patients. I know it works...I have the proof right in front of me. Vicki was incapacitated with horrendous pain and constant agony until Dr. Paster treated Vick and gave her life back to her.

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