Sunday, August 16

Sun Eve, Aug. 16th... The Situation is finally stabilizing... No Government Control...

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It sounds like Obama is going to fold under the pressure of Americans who are willing to stand toe to toe with him and fight. I’m satisfied that we can finally stand for something. End of rant!!

We just returned from the barn, where Vicki and I went on the offensive with wasps and hornets. Today we opened the loft doors to allow the heat to escape and wasps dive bombed Vicki until we had to close the doors with a shovel from the ground. That was their turn to be offensive and we took the defensive route by closing the doors and leaving them to rule the loft for the time being. Now was our turn and we used our offensive maneuver to eliminate the enemy. We stood outside and listened to the hornets drop out of their 12” round paper nest under the eve of the roof, and hit the little metal roof below, that shelters the entry way...ting, ting, ting...was the sound as they fell to the ground. I hope tomorrow morning, they are all in a big dead pile under the nest. There must have been hundreds in that nest, and if something had spooked them when we were out there near the barn door, they could have dealt a lethal attack. I was riddled by hornets once as a boy of seven, when the older neighborhood boys threw a stone directly through the center of a nest of hornets about the size of this nest. OUCH! I received at least 7 to 10 stings as I ran.... receiving those stings for at least 300 or 400 yards, before they quit chasing me. The bigger kids ran faster than me and I was the one that sustained all the stings. (Lucky me...) Anyway, I learned to never mess with them until after dark and to never shine the beam of a light on them when you spray, because they will follow the light beam...... even a long distance, in the dark to attack the holder of the light, if their nest is disturbed. I sprayed from the inside of the loft and as soon as I saw a bee emerge, (either falling or flying; I don’t know) I turned off the light and pulled the door closed and we went out the back door of the barn in the darkness. We’ll see how successful our attack was tomorrow morning. The wasps were easy. I just used a foaming spray and waited for them to drop off of the nests and stepped on them. SQUISH... gone. Ha, Ha, Ha. I know honey bees and bumble bees serve a very important function with pollination, but I can’t see the need for hornets, wasps or yellow jackets. They need to be eradicated as far as I’m concerned.

Tomorrow we are going to be visited by George, a nice gentleman farmer from Westerlo. We met George at the farmers market, where he was helping his grandson sell his produce and after talking a bit, found he was about six chickens short after his grand-daughter’s dog killed them. He wanted to know if we would sell him six to replace them and of course we said yes, so he is supposed to stop by tomorrow morning and pick six out.

After that, we are going to take the utility trailer to the shop to have the tailgate hinge welded back in place. This is the second one to break off since we had the trailer. After that, we will try to keep cool and keep the animals cool.

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