Sunday, August 16

Sunday, Aug. 16th... Oh Jeeze...Will this crap ever end or will they lie forever?

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Here we go again... Now the President is trying the “Waa-Waa routine” about his ailing, dying Grandmother and his health plan. Come on Mr. you think we’re that gullible? While we all feel sorry that your Grandmother died, we all have realitives that have died at one time or another. That's not the point of sale here... Do you think we don’t know that every one of those lying, cheating, selfish politicians involved in this "alleged underhanded" medical re-make, hasn’t also had a dying Grandmother they had to watch somewhere along the line, as they passed away? Come on... We all know that you and the other politicians, know what it feels like to see a family member slowly fade away, but most of you still continue to take more and more away from everyone... and not just the elderly. You continue to take medical benefits from Veterans and reduce social security benefits for everyone as you continue to promote care and benefits for illegal aliens. We’re positively tired of no account illegal’s getting everything free, as you take from the elderly and Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. We all think it’s about time crooked legislators become true voices of the people they represent.
The thing that bothers me and every one else in this proposed plan is that there are no buffers or protection against the alleged pitfalls mentioned by millions of angry American tax payers. All you say is that "We wouldn't do that." Not one of you, including Obama has told us that there will be guaranteed written statements in the program to keep the alleged nighmares from happening. It is surely possible that there are some politicians that are sincere about their intentions to make a better health care system for all without screwing over the majority of subscribers, but come on guys...just how good is your track records?
If you want the public to buy into your plans for the future and making America like it used to be or the way it should be, start by giving up your outrageously ludicrous benefits which only you guys get.
1. We cannot decide for ourselves what our pay will be for any given year. Why should you. Your pay should be decided by a ballot decision yearly.
2. Why do you have the right to decide what our health plan will be when you do not have to use it? Your health plan should be the same as ours, and then you all will make sure we have the best available for the money.
3. You should work a full forty hour week, every week except for holidays when there is no federal mail delivered.....all year long.
4. Our retirement is based on years of service with an employer... don’t work many get very little... nothing free. You only have to serve one term and you are set for life. GIVE IT UP BUSTER.... NOT FAIR and we pay for it yearly out of our skimpy wages, the retirement we will get or are now getting...and your programs are continually making these incomes smaller and smaller.

If you and your family are not willing to live at the same low level that most of us are required to, under federal programs, you should not be the ones deciding what our programs will be, and when we had to roll over and accept whatever you decided in the past............we slowly began to become another country..... Not the America our forefathers died to defend.... Not the America that so many immigrants longed to come to and worked so hard to become citizens of.... Not the America that was once fair and feared no other nation on earth. Sadly....we are no longer that America....and our ancestors weep in heaven.

If we have to lie down or choose to lie down and accept these things, then this is no longer an America!!!!! Certainly not the land of the brave either!
Well, I will not live that way in silence......I’d rather die than live that way........

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