Saturday, August 15

Sat. Eve Aug 15th... Last day of the Farmers Market went well... We’ll miss it...

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Perhaps if we find ourself at the end of the week with a surplus of eggs, we might venture to the market again... who knows. We do know that if folks continue to come here and pick up their eggs at $2.50 a dozen, unclassified, we will make out better than going there on Saturday mornings. It’s strange, because we graded and sorted the eggs by weight, packaged them according to the dept of Agriculture required guidelines, with Jumbo @ 3.00, X-Large @ 2.75, Large @ $2.50, Medium @ 2.00, Ducks @ $2.50 and Bantams @ $1.50. After adding the value of 22 dozen eggs at $52.50 and deducting $15.00 for the spot at the market and $9.02 for 22 new cartons, we go home with $28.48.
Take the same 22 dozen eggs in used cartons, unclassified (jumbo thru mediums mixed) @ a flat $2.50 a dozen and you have a soild $55.00 if they are sold at the farm. It’s really better for us and a better “Bang for the Buck” for our customers actually. Kind of what they call a “no brainer” decision right? Sooooo, I guess we will be selling our eggs here on the farm like before. If we have an over abundance on Friday, we’re actually thinking about selling them inthe Freehold Country Store. By starting to retail them in the Freehold Country Store, we can begin to capture more new customers, which could also drive the short distance to the farm for the “better deal.”

Anyway, after we got home from the market, we took off for Frank’s in Norton Hill for a lunchtime soup & sandwich, and then returned home to let the dogs out a bit before going to our farmer friend down the road, for a small load of hay for the Alpacas and bunnies. Egg production for today was probably a dozen or so....... because the suns heat is unbearable. When we got home, there wasn’t a chicken, duck or turkey that was out of the shade, including the alpacas. Vicki even placed a container of ice in each of the bunny pens to help them cool down. If it get’s any worse, we will shave them and forfeit the fiber for their safety. Another half inch in length and they will be ready to shear anyway.

Last evening, I sent my credit card payment and authorization sheet for the printing of my first book entitled, Poetry From the Heart - Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man”, which should be in print and available around October I guess; that is, if everything is correct and print ready. We won’t know that until Monday or so, when a customer service rep will arrange for me to send him or her completed digital and PDF files and they have time to go over them. If everything published correctly, it will immediately be placed into their production schedule for printing. Shortly after that, we will receive a hard copy sample, complete to review and if satisfied, I fax a sign off sheet and they print the first run of my book. We’re excited and I will then begin to publish the second book and finish writing the third. Both Vicki and I are psyched!! Vick may do a gallery showing of her art later in the fall at the “All arts Matters” when they do an art festival of sorts. Below I have scanned in some of her latest works. I already say Vicki is the Artist Laureate of “The Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, LLC and I will then be the same standing.... What a way to retire and enjoy life!!!!!

A fly fisherman in the creek

Fall creek scene

Beaver pond and lodge on route 81, New Baltimore

Stone homestead, route 81, Coxsackie

Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

Old barn off route 81 near Climax, NY

A Washington County landscape

Catskill Creek from route 41 bridge, near Cairo, NY

Calico Barn Cat

Black Lab in all her beauty

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