Friday, August 14

Friday Aug 14th... Tomorrow will be our last planned Farmers Market Appearance...

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We are giving up the Farmers Market.... Much as we hate to do it and will miss the people, we cannot do as well at the market as we can right here on the farm. We must charge more for the eggs at the market due to FDA required packaging, grading and sorting, which costs us more than it does at the farm, because at the farm, we do not have to provide new containers or sort the eggs. We can place eggs randomly in cartons after cleaning and candling, and then sell them for one set price as before. The customers like that better and really...they get a much better “bang for their buck” buying in this manner.
We had discussed and taken stock of this situation yesterday and after some very intense scrutinizing, came to the conclusion that we are better off selling our eggs right here on the farm, rather than at the Farmers Market. We will continue as always, to clean, candle, check and grade the eggs, but we will again revert to boxing unclassified eggs in returned boxes to satisfy customers and also optimize a recoup of feed costs if possible. We will again sell the eggs for $2.50 per dozen out of the self serve cooler on the porch, but will no longer have varying prices for sorted, sized eggs. We will still box eggs in the FDA required manner for sale in our local stores, which will sell them at the retail level later in the fall.
As before, ALL eggs will be sold at $2.50 per dozen. We will take clean boxes back to recycle them, but cannot give a credit for them. If you want to give them to us fine... but it is no longer necessary and the price remains a flat $2.50 for everyone. This should make many people happy again...... we hope.

It certainly looks as if it is going to be another nice, sunny, hot summer day again today. Vick has to go for a hair appointment at 11:00 and after that we will ride down the road to see if we can purchase some bales of hay from our farmer friend that we have bought off of since we started. I hope he has been able to make hay this summer and we can get some. We are running seriously low at this time and the Alpacas and Angoras need their hay. They will not understand wet field conditions and hunger... not to be tolerated by them and they will let us know it immediately. Today is the day for securing that necessary hay....somewhere! How I wish my back and hamstring tendon was better. Better yet, how I wish you could find a young guy to help with such work around the farm as easy as it was when I was growing up. I helped a neighbor friend milk cows, bale and throw hay and clean up around this farm, just for the fun of it... now you can’t pry kids away from the TV and Wii long enough to help with anything. No kid will work for minimum wage, cleaning stalls or helping put hay in now days....especially when they can run to Daddy and he hands them money anytime they need it. Oh well.....

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