Tuesday, August 4

Tues. Eve Aug. 4th... It was a good and bad day...But, all in all...Just Another DAY...

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The day started out with my intentions of going to the bank of Coxsackie to open an account there since the Bank of Greene County is still working out of the 1800’s. As I said this morning, three tellers standing side by side can’t give you the same figures if you ask them to tell you what your account balance is. And, on top of the three figures they will give you, the ATM will give you a fourth figure and then if you access it yourself on your Iphone while still standing there you get a fifth figure! That my friend...is no shit either.........Well, with the other events that happened, we didn’t get to the bank. We went to Bryant’s Grocery Store to grab some lunch items and coffee and when we got home, Paul from Agway delivered a ton of wood pellets and unloaded them for me into the tractor shed. We then showed him around the farm and chatted for a bit, but he had to run to get the truck back to Gerry, his boss and owner of the Hilltown Agway.
After Paul left, we grabbed a bite to eat and sat on our new roofed deck for a few minutes and chatted and watched the ducks and chickens running around.
I then went to get the tractor and wagon, went to the bunny brothel and got the transfer crate and went to meet Vick at the brooding house, where we loaded all the juvenile chicks into the transfer crate and moved them to the brothel. We hung the cage on the wall about eighteen inches above the floor and opened the crate door. They slowly jumped out and mingled with the other, older juvenile chickens and adults. We then went to the brooding house and removed the vent plugs and egg turner from the incubator. We candled the eggs as we put them back into the incubator. Out of the thirty-six eggs in there, we found two that were not fertile, so we are expecting a possible thirty-four chicks to hatch in three more days. We cannot see movement in the eggs, because they are almost full term and fill the egg completely, not allowing us to see the chick in the egg, so we just have to wait and see. The two that were not fertile passed light right through the shell and egg matter, making it a cinch to tell. After that I retired to the chair on the deck and then inside to the couch. (Vick doesn’t want me doing too much until the MRI results are back and we see the doctor.)
Anyway, Vick cleaned out and disinfected the chick station where the juveniles were and now has it ready for the newly hatched chicks in three days.
Now it’s time to hit the hay and get ready for another adventure tomorrow.

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