Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, Aug 4th... We Have Here A Busy...Busy Day in Store For Us Today.......

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Today is the day that the egg turner is to be removed from the twenty or so eggs in the incubator. We will take the candler to the brooding house and check each egg for life as we transfer them to the non-rotating incubator for the final three days until hatching. We also need to check with Ideal Hatcheries special send to us this morning. For just $1.90 each, we can get 25 Rhode Island Red pullets shipped to us tomorrow, which is quite a deal because it is definitely at the end of the season. We really don’t have to care though, because with the brooding house and the bunny brothel, we can have chicks all winter long if we want.
Anyway, all the present juvenile birds in the brooding house are ready to be shipped over into the bunny brothel today after (or before) we move the eggs around.

Ahhhh yes, then there is the issue of changing banks... say goodbye to the old and usher in a new one that doesn’t nickel and dime you with their inefficiencies. The bank we use now can’t give you an updated account balance that is correct anywhere! Ask them for a current account balance and they give you a figure, go around the corner of their building, to their ATM machine (still at their building) and you get another figure, then access that account on Vick’s Iphone, (while still sitting at the ATM) and you get a 3rd figure. When you have four accounts there...with money in each.....amounting to far more than any check you would write out, HOW in God’s name, could you have a deficiency problem with a written check? Why would you have to endure the embarrassment of explaining to a person you gave a check to that your checked bounced because the bank can’t keep their books updated? Nah....we’re outta there and on to a bank with state of the art electronic banking that functions correctly. SORRY BANK... not gonna pay unnecessary and ridiculous fees and penalties for your mistakes. Especially since they seem to happen all the time, repetitively, sorry, YOU LOSE!!

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