Friday, September 25

Friday Eve, Sept. 25th... Got Bear to Vet, Went for Meds, Ate & worked on Barn...

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We let the animals out this morning, messed around the barn a little and around 1:00 Pm, took Bear to the vet to be seen for her heart condition. She is really retaining water around her heart and in her belly now, so she is in the end stages of congestive heart failure. We increased her Lasix to twice what she was getting and upped her Enalapril and added Vetmedin to reduce the fluids around the heart and stomach and make the heart work better by increasing the blood flow to it. By tomorrow, if the meds work, she should be like a new dog. This however is only a short term fix, because her heart will again catch up with her 15 year old body and she will pass away. All we can do is to keep her comfortable until her time comes.
When we got home, we measured for the gift shop lumber. Now all I have to do is figure exactly how much we need and find the money to buy it. We have been offered some help from Colleen and JD our friends and Colleen suggested the work party and Barbeque. I think that's a great idea...But we have to find the money to do all this. Right now...everything is tight and Bears vet bill today was about $250.00 we hadn't counted on.
After measuring for the lumber, we went to the chicken coop and again started tearing out the wall. I removed it all the way to the nesting boxes, moved a receptacle and remounted the perches in front of the nesting boxes. Now tomorrow, I'll remove the corner roosts and finish removing the wall to the back end by the door. Then we'll make a removable, angled roost assembly to lean against the wall for the chickens to roost on. I will then remove the roost over the door area where you are bombed when you enter the coop if you aren't careful. (Vicki and I have both been bombed by some incorrigible, nasty, rebel chickens under there with attitudes) They seem to get you as soon as you are cleaned up and ready to go away. That is not a time to throw them some extra feed to make them happy... because they'll get ya every time then!
I think I shall give it up and turn in early because I've had a post sinus drip all day long that has just ripped my throat. I've been gargling with Listerine, using Chloriseptic spray and taking Chloriseptic lozenges since we got them today, but it is still raising cane with me. I hate this crap!
Tomorrow when we work at the barn, we'll take some pictures of the brothel and the bunnies and the new coop area. Until then...see ya.

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