Friday, September 25

Friday Sept. 25th... Yesterday was a Fun Day... Nothing and Everything Done...

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Yesterday morning, I worked on web pages far longer than I should have, so got a late start in the barn and only fed and released them. We then took off to do lunch, errands and then came home and finished some farm paperwork. We had invited Laura, a woman we met in the bakery some months ago, to come and see the farm a long time ago, and then met her again more recently at a yard sale in Greenville. Vicki and Laura chatted and when Laura found we now have angora bunnies... she asked if we would be interested in trading a bunch of guinea hens for a baby angora rabbit when we breed them. Of course we were delighted to make a trade, because we want quite a few more guinea fowl to police the grounds and chase foxes and hawks anyway. Laura came over yesterday to see the farm and was here for several hours looking around and chatting. She will bring the guineas possibly today or tomorrow since we have a cage ready.

Laura was just preparing to leave when our good friend Jimmy pulled in and we chatted with him until dark about a catering idea he had. He had already started a partial catering business some time ago called "Big Guy Catering", based in Tannersville, NY. He would like to prepare some of his locally renowned "Italian Sauce and Meatballs" in packaged to go containers and give free samples at Greenville Day on October 3rd, but that doesn't give him much time to get ready. We discussed a lot of dishes that could be sold as an entrée and some, such as the sauce and meatballs which would be a kept ingredient to make your own pasta dish at home in a fraction of the time. He would like to have fresh and frozen product available in the near future and then possibly offer express shipping later. We are excited for him and will help and encourage him all the way to the top!

It looks like and they are calling for rain today, but we'll cut the critters loose anyway I guess. That way, we can access the wall between the chicken coop and outside run to remove the board and batten. It's easier when you don't have to worry about chickens under foot. We are enlarging the coop three-fold compared to what it was before, but they will not have an outdoor run this winter. I don't think that is important anyway... because we can run the birds into the barn entry until we clean and then run them back into the cleaned coop. We can do the same in the other barn for the ducks too. Today I want to make a lumber list for the gift shop deck too. It's time to order that wood so we can get it under roof before snowfall. We now have received some promised help in the way of labor and it was suggested to plan a work party some day, where we would have folks come to help build and have a
barbeque meal. Sounds good to us!!!

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