Wednesday, September 23

Wed. Sept. 23rd... A Bad Day for Construction with Company in There Too...

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I went to the barn this morning to feed and check the chickens after their second night housed all together on the chicken side. We decided since we had removed all the chickens to the coop and emptied the bunny brothel of all chickens, we would need to utilize the outside run area as part of the actual coop now, so there would be ample room for the chickens to roost and inhabit the coop all together. With that in mind, I fed them and then went in with hammer, crow bar and digging iron and started removing the board and batten siding that separates the inside coop and the outside run to make the entire coop appear as one. Removing the window and several of the boards immediately made the coop appear larger, but it was a bad time to do the construction with the birds remaining as visitors, because it frightens them and we can't leave them out today because we volunteer to help run the Rabies clinic for the town and assist the area Veterinarian who gives the shots. That starts at five and goes to well beyond dark, so we would not be here to close the animals back in and with all the coyotes and foxes here, we can't allow that, so they don't go out today. Tomorrow, we can release them and finish dismantling the wall, add supports where needed and remove others to open it up properly and then the chickens will love it. It's also going to make cleaning a cinch too.
I have been in contact with my printing service several times this morning about my book. It is heading to the printing press as I write this, so within a few days, we should have cartons of finished books arriving here at the farm. I guess I will add the book to my publishing site and add a "Buy it Now" button, incase anyone wants to purchase a copy of some really deep poetry. As of this evening I can honestly say that I am a published author...something I am very proud of, for it is quite an accomplishment for I have dreamed of all my life and thanks to Vicki's support and finally came into fruition.
Thanks Vicki....I love you for that.
(Now all I gotta do is get her art work into a galley showing by giving her some reciprocate nudging until she achieves the same spectacular feeling of public appreciation for her accomplishment of hard work and talent)
That recognition...she is ready for.

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