Tuesday, September 22

Tuesday September 22nd... The Chickens did Well and the Bunny's are Happy...

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Last night when we closed up for the night, we forced all the chickens into the chicken house, ridding the bunny brothel of the chickens and the ducks. Now the room will remain clean and we can allow the bunnies out to exercise as we brush them and so on. That was the purpose of the brothel in the first place, but it also served as a juvenile chick palace too. Now they are all together and we will do a no cost renovation to include the outside run as part of the main chicken coop. If an outside run becomes an issue, we will install one later, but right now, I don't see it as a problem.
My book proof arrived and we will take a day to read it and look for mistakes. I need to change one spelling error on the "About the Author" page where I spelled my own name wrong. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know who I am...I don't need it spelled correctly..... Right? Aw gee...I guess I'll fix that and let them go to print now......
The kittens are now close to being full grown and they are doing well. We cut a hole in the plywood wall on the steps and installed a ramp board for them to climb up and down from the hole. Doing it this way, keeps the chickens from going up into the loft, otherwise we could just leave the loft door open for the cats. We would then have chickens in the hay, up there in the loft and last time one fell in a hole against the wall and couldn't get out, then died in there. All we found when we used up the hay was a pile of feathers around bones.
We just met a nice guy from the hospital and also a farmer. His name is Peter and we met him when we were at the hospital in Hudson a month or so ago. He took Vick's email address to contact us for Alpaca beans (poop) for his garlic garden. He called last week and asked to come for some and was just here today. He's a cool dude and much like us...grew up on a farm and loves tinkering around in farming on a small scale. We meet the nicest people!!!!
I guess we need to go to dinner now so we can get all the animals in later...

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