Friday, September 11

Friday, Sept 11th... We Shall Not Forget... 2001 to 2009... Nor... Forever.....

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That day eight years ago will never be forgotten by any living American now or forever! It was a day that we were violated... attacked in our home land...every innocent American was moved and changed from that day forward... Forever!
I no longer want to be a trusting person...eager to invite foreign people to our shores, eager to share “life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as before. Let them stay in their own land and kill one another. Bring our troops home and quit sacrificing our own for a culture full of filth and killing. To hell with their freedoms; especially at the cost of our children’s freedom and lives. Our forefathers fought and died in wars, as immigrants fought at their side, to protect the very freedoms our ancestors fought and died for and they came here to enjoy. Those immigrants chose to learn our language and join into our culture. They adopted the American flag as their own and waved no other...EVER. They worked hard and became us... naturalized Americans, but in the end...simply...real Americans, willing to defend their newly adopted country with their lives.
Now we are faced with a real threat of a foreign people who are not interested in us as a people, a culture or a land. They do not want to become like us. All they are interested in is killing everything and everybody in the world that is not of their belief. How do we ever deal with a people that place no value on life and believe they are rewarded, by a God, with virgins as payment for their killing deeds? There is no sanity or hope for dealing with a people that thinks God rewards them for killing innocent men, women and children...especially with such a vial, filthy delight of killing for the reward of innocent virgin girls...and all in God’s name? A God that hates everything they are speaking of and doing? A God that hates anyone that spills innocent blood and lives by the sword? This God asks that we don’t kill and that we love one another.
This God also tells us that we may have to fight wars to protect the innocent and defeat evil...
I do many others, that you cannot simply fight these evil ones by conventional methods, for they hide behind the innocent, with no regard for their safety.
Bring all our troops home. Guard our own borders with our military and crush any enemy that comes to our homeland. With our complete military here at home and every citizen armed, outside evil would be a fool to approach us.
Let the foreign trouble makers who want to change America, go home and speak the language they want, live the way they want to and kill each other in their own country.
Every time we allow someone to speak about changing our schools, our laws, our national Anthem, our cultural history, we are allowing them to spit on our forefather’s graves and our son’s graves, after they gave their lives to protect what we slowly allow others to give away or trod into the dirt.
Americans are loving, kind, intelligent people from all walks of life, who are smart enough to embrace freedom and immigrants willing to swear allegiance and allow them to become Americans, yet expel illegal aliens wishing to change America. We need to start expelling trouble making leeches who feed on America.

We’ll Never Forget What Was Done To America on September 11th 2001 When War Was Declared Upon Us In Our Own Homeland!!!

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