Friday, September 11

Thurs. Sept 10th... What a Great Visit we Had With Ellie Steffen in Woodstock...

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We arrived at Ellie Steffens door step at the agreed upon time of 2:00 pm this afternoon. As Always, we enjoyed our visit with this amazing lady to the fullest.
We chatted about our last visit and the many things which transpired during the time between then and now and spent a bit of time in her spacious back yard looking at the beauty of a warm autumn afternoon in the artist’s Mecca of upstate New York. Upon returning to Ellie’s Gallery, Vick and I were treated to a showing of her artwork comprised of many canvas’ portraying “sisters”...both the one I showed on my earlier post and the many she unveiled today...both with faces and without. She did a series of herself posing with a dear childhood friend at the age of six, then as teenagers and as grownups in their sixties...Most interesting and as beautiful as one could ever hope to see. Ellie is a major inspiration to both Vicki and I and we love to chat with her about her art and hear the love story of her beloved of her life who unfortunately, passed away with Lou Gehrig’s disease, very shortly after their marriage.
Ellie follows our blog and loves to see the activities Vick and I are involved in here, the animals and stories written in the blog when she has time to tune in to us. We are looking forward to her visit with us for a dinner date. We will relish her visit when she can come to see us. What a great and talented artist friend we have found in Ellie Steffen...and we are far the richer to know her.
Tomorrow I fear we will have to seek dry spaces within the house, because they are calling for some nasty weather from the strange traveling storm off the coast of New York and Delaware tomorrow. Seems we are to get some serious wind and rain for the biggest part of the day, so we will choose to work in the barn installing lighting and receptacles upstairs or just cuddle on the couch for awhile.
Gee, the nights are getting cooler and starting earlier and earlier... tonight it was completely dark by 8:15...and will soon be dark by 8:00. The seasons, they are a changin’...

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