Thursday, September 10

Thurs. Sept 10th... Looks like a Really Good Day to visit Ellie in Woodstock...

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Sisters By Ellie Steffen
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Today Vick wants to go to Woodstock to see a private art showing of a good friend, Ellie Steffen. Ellie lives in Woodstock and has her gallery there, so we visit every now and then. She does some beautiful artwork and has displayed her masterpieces in numerous venues throughout New York. She was an art teacher in the city for years and now is retired and just enjoys creating her art work. Sometimes when she displays her artwork, she also displays some of Bernard’s work, her late husband who was also a famous artist. We always enjoy visiting Ellie and will have her come to our house for dinner as soon as she can make it.

When we return from Woodstock, perhaps we will work a bit on the lumber order we’ll need to place, so were ready when we can start working on the porch deck for the gift shop. Once the drain pipe is completed... we will need it.

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