Wednesday, September 9

Wed. Sept 9th... A Busy Day Leaves Me Shaking My Head in Disbelief... Oh Boy...

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Boy oh boy... September just got here and already it’s a third of the way gone, with October only about twenty days away. I can’t believe how fast my life is burning away on the calendar... days are as minutes. How I’d love to experience a few years like the ones I endured as a child. Boy......I remember how I had to wait and wait and wait for my twelfth birthday so I could go hunting with the rest of our family back in the sixties... I remember thinking that those years were longer than anything, as I started waiting at the age of ten...watching my uncles and grandparents join my Mom and Dad, as they all went out to hunt on the first day of buck season, every year in Pennsylvania.
God, I can still remember thinking I would never turn twelve. Those years lasted sooooooooooooo long and so much happened within your life at that time. School was a curse that seemed to be a lifelong affliction that would never end and looking forward to turning sixteen so I could drive, was almost as unreal as imagining that we were millionaires, owning yachts or expensive two seated sports cars......something that surely would never come in our lifetime. Why, a week was almost longer than we could endure...while waiting for the few weekly TV shows to roll around. We waited for what seemed like forever for shows like Gunsmoke, Have gun will travel, The Ed Sullivan Show andThe Red Skelton Show. cartoons lasted all day every Saturday and church all day on Sunday. Nothing ever seemed to change and everything seemed to move in slow motion. Summer vacation was a decade long and a school year was an eternity. Now a year whisks by in a weeks time it seems.
Today we entertained Joan, our friend from Doctor Michael Paster’s Chiropractic office in Guilderland. Vick told Joan she would enjoy teaching her how to do stained glass projects and Joan offered to teach me and Vick about Pastel painting. I’m also going to get her set up with a better web site so she can sell her lovely artwork on line. Right now, she is at but she doesn’t get very much traffic. We will get her site set up like I did for Dr. Paster at or secondly, like we did at his other site at to increase her hits too. Mike actually got a new patient the day we published his site to the web.
I worked around the farm while Joan and Vicki worked on stained glass, because we had Joe our hired hand here again today to finish the old duck and chicken house cleaning and she and I went to Agway to get wood chips to put down in the cleaned areas, bags of layer pellets and crushed corn for the birds. We also ordered two tons of wood pellets for winter while we were there. Now I will have to re-arrange the tractor shed to accept them when Paul delivers them in a day or so.
After Joe finished the house cleaning... I set him loose with a mattock and a spade shovel to dig the footer drain around the hospice gift shop. I helped a little there by bucketing out a bunch of dirt with the Cub Cadet to lighten his load. We will lay perforated 4” flex, drain pipe around the ditch and cut the ends into the 12” drain running under the center of the building. That will completely drain any and all water away from the concrete pad, keeping it from freezing and heaving in the winter time. Now...when we get the drain in and the ditch backfilled, we can resume building the deck and porch roof posts and headers to install the other roof rafters and order the steel roofing. Once that is done, we can install the board and batten, windows and doors. Then we can work inside this winter, installing insulating and wiring, etc., etc., etc.
All we’ll have to do then is put up with Greene County’s bullshit inspections and palm greasing and we can complete the gift shop, stock it and have the grand opening.
Thank God the gift shop will then be done and good old New York State can suck money away from the hospice patients by charging a sales tax on everything we sell to benefit the Columbia-Greene County Hospice Program. (And New York State) How sad they have to stick their hand into the pockets of dying people and take money earmarked to purchase and provide palliative care drugs and such...... There is no shame at the New York State tax bureau is there? Screw us until we’re dead and gone... then get the estate and family!
Anyway...... at least we’re trying our best to get everything in place and running to start collecting funds to help the hospice program; however, we meet with expensive opposition or roadblocks every step of the way, in everything we attempt to do. We will endure and succeed though. That’s a guarantee!!

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