Tuesday, September 8

Tuesday Sept. 8th... Back on the farm again... fall is rapidly approaching... It’s cool

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We were in Latham today for Vick’s Dad’s doctor’s appointment, then went to Arlene’s Art Supply on Fuller Street for Vick to buy some matt material for pictures... After she bought what she wanted, we headed for home by way of Altamont and Pisano’s Pizza, where we bought pizza for lunch. It was great as always... There is no better pizza in Upstate New York than you can get from Pisano’s and Vick swears that even in the city...only the original...in Canarsie, has better pizza. (She’d know as, she ate tons of it there as a young teenager)
Right now she is on-line, reading about her childhood times in Canarsie and about “Ruby the Knishman” a vendor that all the kids fondly remember...Ruby was a grungy, dirty old guy that sold hot knishes and cold drinks. Vick found the site while looking at Canarsie.com and spent a long time laughing and reminiscing about Ruby and his filthy mustard stick, his dirty hands and how she constantly offered him a quarter to show Richie, (her brother) how he could pop his glass eye out. What educational and valued memories she has.........
How funny it would be if any of you folks reading this, would have heard of and remembered Ruby, screaming in his booming voice, “Get your hot Knishes...I want to send my wife to Florida!” or any of the other memorable statements made by ol’ Ruby, in that booming voice he had.
Vick has found a spot where you are to email your very own “Ruby stories” to the webmaster of the site and she is now doing so. I can’t wait to see what comes from her memories once she starts to recall them. It’s quite funny to hear when she and Richie start to reminisce about all those old times with Ruby "the knishman" in Canarsie, New York.

Well, today was the beginning of the end as far as summer vacation goes... Most kids will have started school today or, at the latest, tomorrow, commencing the fall season even further... The evenings are getting more and more brisk and the morning have that little sting of chill that causes the leaves to crinkle, turn colors and fall. The frost will soon be on the pumpkin and the smells of apple and harvest will be swirling in the autumn air. As I said before many times, Vicki and I have been waiting for this time of year and we will partake of any and all events we can find in the way of autumn harvest activities. We’ll surely be making a few trips to Vermont to enjoy the real feel of autumn that always abounds among the New England states this time of year.
I’d sure like to see a live Moose up there among the colored foliage......

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