Friday, September 18

Friday, September 18th...Splitting MY time...MY Fleeting Time...

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Me Sometimes....You know....I feel like the village idiot!
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Each morning I awake and leave the dogs out for their morning run while I make coffee and put our pills out. By the time I am done doing the pills and leave the dogs back into the house, the coffee is done and I head to the computer......
It is then that I start to split time... time between checking the status of my first and second book.
Poetry from the Heart – the Unpretentious Notions of a Minimalistic Man, which is now at the printer, should be ready for the printing press as I write this. My second book entitled, It All Began With a Puppy...Our Uncommon Journey, is completed and in the second re-write stage, so I actually split my morning time between those two ventures and the blog. As if that isn't bad enough, add in the animals which must be tended to, which aren't very understanding and you can see where I can tend to let something slip through the cracks from to time. I arise each morning, with good intentions of posting a blog entry, checking emails and the book status, doing those re-writes until my eyes start to cross, and by then, Vick is ready to get up and we then go on to other things. I am excited to be a published author and have a keen desire to aspire in writing and want to publish both my books and the blog, which you have all became followers of. If I fall short from time to time and miss a few blogs, it is not because I am not interested, but in the last two weeks, we've had family and friends in the hospital, a lot of correspondence with my printing firm and other things around the farm that needed taken care of. Next we are having some people coming to visit, another little Bar-B-Q and want to attend some fall festivals, so we could be working, tired, tied up with animals and the farm or entertaining visitors and miss a day of blog entries. If that happens, I apologize and hope you will be understanding and not forget about us..... Our time is constantly daylight into darkness........

We have already been visited today by our friend Stanley Maltzman, who brought one of his shipmates from the Coast Guard, whom Stan spent many days with, years ago. They looked around a bit as Vicki and I were administering monthly injections to the Alpacas, saw the chickens, which we hadn't released and then left, as we were walking the Alpacas. Joe, our barn hand, wanted to come to clean this afternoon, but since we are planning to have dinner with family this evening, on the mountain, we could not leave the birds out to clean and be at dinner before dark. Joe will come on Sunday, when we can leave all the animals out.
I'm such a brain klutz when it comes to remembering anything! That would be because I think of everything and remember nothing. We need hay, field corn on the cob and I don't know where to buy it, need to order lumber...treated for the deck and regular for the porch roof and a million other things before winter. Thank God I have Vick. She is good at this...I am NOT!

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