Thursday, September 17

Thurs. Sept. 17th... The Mornings are Like a Walk in Paradise...

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If you like fall as much as Vicki and I, you're in seventh heaven right now! The mornings are starting to have that special smell that is only present at this time of the year. The temperatures are dropping and a fuzzy, warm, long sleeved shirt feels really good and makes the experience all the better. You can hear leaves ticking branches as they fall slowly to the ground and birds flitter to pick up seeds recently dropped from all the remaining flowers. Fall smells abound on the wings of breezes, carried across the open fields and pines in back of the house. You can hear the cackle of a flock of crows in hot pursuit of a hawk in the distance. A walk around the Pupskill lake Pond is filled with discoveries never expected. I've seen Blue Heron there fishing...perched nearly in the same spot I've frequented with rod and reel. I've seen woods mice, woodpecker, wood duck and woodchuck all in the same areas. Fish are topping and as I watch silently and motionlessly, I can see large, blue gill, sunfish and Crappie in a range of sizes as they swim effortlessly about in the normal course of fish life. Some big bass gobble little bass... as little bass gobble tiny tiny bass eat off the top or bottom of the pond. Just think about a fish, one minute you're looking out of an opening in a grassy spot, waiting to gobble up a smaller fish and in a flash, you're looking out of the opening of a bigger fish's throat....which gotta really suck.
How great it is to be at the top of the food chain so we can go out this time of the year and enjoy our surroundings. The only dangers we face this time of the year are one of the three poisonous snakes we have here or an old Mamma bear with her cubs. You can happen unto a Mamma bear with cubs anytime. All you need to do is make sure you do not get between Momma and her babies and she'll sound a loud snort, a grunt, and then leave with them in a flash.
Today we will visit our friend at Albany Med. She has a problem with rapid and irregular heart beats, which are really scary when they happen. Hopefully they resolve the issue for her, because she has had this happen multiple times.
I cannot do a lot today, because both ring fingers on either hand are completely ulcerated, bleeding and about as sore as you could ever imagine. Good thing I type slow and with two fingers or blogging would be out of the question too. I just continue to apply the Clobetasol Propionate cream several times a day and wait for the pain to subside. Life sure is special sometimes.
Back to the fall weather........ I hear the wild geese in the yard, honking for me to go out and throw them their crushed corn and all the other critters are ready to escape the confines of the safe havens we afford them each evening. I don't like to release them until 10:30 or 11:00 AM, so the old hawk has finished filling his belly somewhere else and not with one of our chickens. Now foxes.... they are another story and show up any time of the day or night. A new threat has been confirmed just a few weeks ago on a farm just down the road........A fisher cat... Nasty critter (with a capital NASTY) They are members of the marten family and a bit bigger, are agile hunters and can climb trees with the best of them. They will clean out a hen house in one evening within minutes. They have extremely sharp teeth and can even kill deer. Below is an excerpt from a guy that lives in New Hampshire and posted this account:

Here's some info about Fisher Cats:"The Fisher Cat, is one of New Hampshire's most elusive animals, and a ferocious predator of small game. They are very fast on their feet and can turn on a dime. Few ever get the chance to see a fisher, mainly because they are nocturnal, but can be heard calling in the woodlands during their mating season. They have a chilling scream very much like that of high pitched child.""They are also famous for their ability to successfully hunt and kill porcupines. One of the very few other animals to prey on porcupines is a close cousin of the fisher, the wolverine. The fishers’ long, wedge-shaped snout is well suited for making vicious attacks to the porcupines face until mortal wounds cause the porcupine to succumb."In any event, the cry of the Fisher Cat makes the dog freak out in fear, so I haul her butt back inside. Then I realize our two cats are outside. There's no easier meal to a fisher cat than a house cat. So I step on the porch and start calling the cats. Boris (the smart one) has already been hiding under the back porch, and quickly bolts up and inside with his tail as puffy as can be. Bela, (the stupid one) is nowhere to be found. Normally the Fisher only makes its hideous noise (imagine a human baby being murdered VERY slowly) during mating season. However, I have heard them make the same sounds right after a kill, or when they are pissed off. Since the nasty thing is so close to my house, I am worried about Bela. I go inside, grab my Glock and a Flashlight and head out towards where I last heard the sound. I do this whilst making as much noise as I can. Luckily, Bela runs past me to the porch before I get too far. All I know is the cats aren't going outside for a couple of days.
See? Nasty, nasty little critter Huh??

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