Wednesday, September 16

Wed. Sept. 16th... Six more days until fall is Officially Declared......

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How Beautiful Fall can be!
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The morning was bleak... the predawn gray added nothing to the condition...nor did it do anything to improve it. The fall chill was in the air, as a constant reminder that in just a few days, we will be into the fall season with that old bitter winter wind in rapid pursuit. Why in another month, we could be butt hole deep in snow if old man winter decided to pull a joke on us. I've been told many times by the locals that have lived here all their lives, that winter can be fickle or downright treacherous sometimes. They recount years of snow beginning in late October, or snow that lasts into April of the year, so we are living on real barrowed time up here. It's been really mild since we've been here, with last year being the worst of them. (Wow...been here all of three...going on four winters)
Last night, I was going over a little video Vick made which was lost in my computer somewhere and just showed up as I was going through files. It was a clip Vick took of the ducks in the little duck pond in the spring of 2008, showing them swimming and splashing around, but the interesting thing was that we saw a pile of 2b stone where the barn now stands..... NO BARN??? Hard to believe...but the video shows it. We also have some pictures which show the back yard without a chicken and duck house too. It's hard to believe we have completed so much of our dream in such a short time span and only the hospice gift shop and a little turkey house remains. We are still looking for the end, but can now take off and do fall festival things and enjoy life. Our labors are about through, so I can now plan to chug Ibuprofen or have the Cortisone shots in my knees and we can then go seeing and doing neat things!

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