Tuesday, September 15

Tuesday Sept 15th... A Slow Start to what could be A Special Day.......

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Every day can be special. Especially if everything goes smooth and there are no occurrences which cause anyone stress or upset. There are days when Vick and I exchange a look with each other when we are ready to retire for the day and comment that the day was a good one and we enjoyed doing what ever we were fortunate enough to accomplish. It would be my goal to experience this every day and not be the bitchy grump I usually become when something doesn't work right or I meet the first obstacle of the day. I truly don't think I would be like I am if i didn't have the painful legs I have. It's such a task just to walk out and release the animals and pick up a few eggs anymore... and the pain I have most of the time would stop most people from moving around...period! If I can take a handful of Ibuprofen in the morning with my first cup of coffee... it helps immensely, but the ol' liver isn't gonna stand still for that on a daily basis, so I only do that when I want to accomplish something that day. Otherwise, I try not to take any medications for pain, so I keep my system clear. I would love it if I didn't have to take the aspirin or the beta blocker ever again either, but the doctor said that wasn't gonna be any option for the future way back in 1996 when I had the two MI's. Oh well... some days are better than others. Like I stated in earlier posts, my first book is so close to the printing press that it could actually start printing this week...and the hospice gift shop is now coming along again, because Joe has installed the footer drain, hooked one end into the underground main and I need to hook up the last end. Vick and I will then do some planning, measuring and then order the lumber from Ed Pooters, Jr. of Middle Field Lumber and the treated stuff will most likely come from GNH Lumber. It will be nice to get the porch deck and roof on, so we can install the board and batten and the doors and windows before winter. If it hadn't been for my hamstring and knees, it would have been completed already. Oh well; all things happen for a reason........ Joe has been our God send, so far this year and I hope he sticks by us for a long time. We can be good for each other. He's young eager and husky when it comes to doing lifting or digging and he's hungry to learn when I do any framing or carpentry work. He works with his Dad at home on different projects, so he's no greenie...
I think he will be thrilled to help with the roof on the hospice house, or any other aspects of that building as time goes by.

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