Monday, September 14

Monday Sept. 14th... Like a wasted day...did nothing, Enjoyed!!!

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Got up this morning and made coffee, then worked on my book finalization... soon I will forward the final PDF files to OPM’s printing office by FTP, which will go to the member file I was assigned for transferring digital images and text to them for printing. I’ll be glad to send the final approval and get this book into finished print form within the cover we designed and call it a finished project. Then I can concentrate on doing re-writes on my second book I will publish, called “It All Began with a Puppy…. Our Uncommon Journey”. That should be due out early in 2010. There is a lot of editing work and re-writes to do first. I don’t think I’ve even gone over the complete text the second time yet.
I have however been writing the third book I will publish, which will be called “Life in the Barren World” That’s a fun book for me to write, because it takes me way the early sixties and dumps me into my memories of my childhood, roaming around the Barrens of Scotia, Pennsylvania, near the little village of Marysville, where I lived.
Anyway... I worked on my book that is presently at the publishers. I have received two proof copies already and we felt the need for editing a few things each time. Once done this time, I hope to receive a (close enough to perfect) proof and sign off on the form to send the text to the printing machine. Shortly after that, we will expect several boxes of finished books to arrive by UPS carrier I suppose.

Today we went to the hospital and visited Vick’s Dad and then waited until he was discharged and headed for home. He was there with a stomach ailment over the week end, but is now at home and ok. After returning home, both Vick and I relaxed and took a nap. Me on the couch in front of the TV... and she went up and lay on the bed with the doggies, watching the food channel.

Now, we’ve just returned from the Oak Hill Kitchen, where we had dinner in their “Common Ground Café.” We had their own garden salads.....Vick had hers with tomato bisque soup... I had mine with a peanut butter, banana & honey sandwich. Great food from the Twelve Tribes Community folks and a serene, peaceful atmosphere to boot!

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