Sunday, September 13

Sunday Sept. 13th... Pellets are in... Gift Shop under way...All’s well Again...

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This morning we started at 8:00AM when Joe showed up to help us with the two tons of wood pellets we had to pick up from Hilltown Agway. The tractor shed needed to be cleaned out before we could put pellets in there, so we loaded all the wood and other things we were going to remove on to the trailer and moved it to either the wood pile or trash pile. Once the building was emptied and everything disposed of, we went to the house for coffee and breakfast. Joe had already eaten, so he went to the hospice gift shop and started to place the footer drain into the ditch we had dug on Wednesday. When we were done eating, we took off for Agway for the pellets, leaving Joe to install the drain and cover it over.
When we returned with the first ton of pellets, Joe stopped and came over to unload pellets and when we were done, he headed back to the ditch again and we took off for Agway again for the last ton. When we got home with the last of the pellets, Joe was raking the dirt around the footer as a finishing touch and then came to help us with the unloading of the pellets. With them all secure inside the tractor shed, we were then able to say we were ready for the 2009 winter heating seasons. The gift shop is also now back under way and Vicki and I will make a new lumber list for Ed Pooters to cut for us. We will have to go to GNH for treated lumber for the porch base, but Ed can cut everything above the deck floor.
I think we’ve finally finished the two sites for Dr. Michael Paster of The SpinalAid Center of Guilderland. They seem to operate correctly and there has been traffic on the sites already. You can see them at either, or at the other site
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Also...I have been meaning to mention another site I designed and got going for Dr. Loraine Alderman, Psy.D, of Long Island, NY.
She has written a book which is available from her on her web site at This is a very interesting book that deals with a very serious condition called APD. If you or someone you know has (APD), an Auditory Processing Disorder, this book can help you find answers. Until now, there has not been a book that specifically looks at how people with APD have lived and learned to overcome the disorder from childhood into adulthood. This book was written by people who have lived with APD their entire lives.

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