Monday, September 28

Monday Sept. 28th... Ah Yes... Monday, Monday......So Good To Me... Maybe.........

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Oh.....Say it isn't SO!!!
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I got up this morning stuffed to the hilt, coughing, sniffling and hacking from allergies or a cold or something. I've been taking a Zirtex at night before going to bed and eating those Chloriseptic lozenges all day long to help my throat with the post nasal drip I have. Somewhere during the day, the drip either stops or lessens and I start to feel better and then we're almost into the evening and it cycles all over again. Now it's raining perpetually it seems. If the actual rain stops, the floating mist continues, slowly soaking everything. Vicki is suffering in much the same way, with only slight differences. She is like this all summer long with allergies. Mostly, her cheeks are puffy and red, because her sinus' are stuffed most of the time. This cool dampness chills to the bone if you sit around, yet you sweat profusely if you try to complete projects around the house. You tend to sniff ans snort all day long.... Ya can't win for losin'!!!!

I know we have a vet visit for Bear again today. Curt wants to check on her progress on the new meds and I'm sure he will like the results. She has been like a new dog. The ascites has lessened both in her abdomen and it surely has drained from around her heart, because she is breathing normally now rather than panting constantly. This is surely the last hurrah for her and although we can increase the Lasix to an amazing dosage yet, that is all we can do. Beyond that she will succumb to her heart disease one day. However.....fifteen year old dogs, living a happy carefree life with four other dogs for company is rare and receiving her special treatment, optimum foods and best of medical care, allows us to smile and accept the inevitable when it occurs without regret, as she happily lives the remainder of her life.

Perhaps when we return from the vet's office, if we feel up to it, we can do a little wiring in the loft area of the barn. There are a few unfinished tasks to perform up there before we can call it finished. I would like to hang the door and close off the wall to the "sick room" in front, which will isolate that room from the rest of the barn. We can then keep the cats in the loft part and maybe keep that room and tools or other items in there away from the mischievous cats and their claws. They drag everything everywhere. I'm missing the cap to my chalk line dust and may never find it..... I'm sure it was batted and chased into oblivion!!
If we don't feel up to it.....perhaps we'll sit on the couch and rest, cough, snort and snooze. Maybe I have a cold? Just so it isn't swine flu.....cause I don't wanna be a sick piggy!

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