Saturday, September 26

Sat. Eve Sept. 26th... We're Back From the Garlic Festival and None To Bad For The Wear......

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Laura called this morning and said she would like to bring about half the guinea fowl over this morning if we didn't mind. Of course we told her we would be delighted and that it wouldn't take long to unload them into the brooding house, where they will spend the next month, before going with the other fowl in the new barn. Laura said she will bring the rest of them next week. We said great.

Once the guinea fowl were safely inside the enclosure, we talked for a bit, then they left for home and we bundled up and went to the Garlic Festival in Saugerties. We decided to go regardless of the sinus crap both Vick and I had, because we hated to miss it. We had a blast! We parked for free in the orange parking area, caught one of the many shuttle buses that transport you right to the front gate. We waited in line there for a minute and paid the $10.00 per person fee and entered into the land of Garlic. We walked about the length of two football fields, past many, many vendors of various garlic items and gifts, and then came upon the food vendors, where we immediately grabbed a plate full of hot garlic knots and a garlic and sausage sandwich which Vick and I split. We then went on over to a stand and got a hamburger and two beef with garlic on a stick, which we again shared. Next we walked to a band stand and listened for a while and then walked the length of two street Isles and checked out the various vendor nick knacks and wares from hardware and sprinklers to leatherwear and clothing. After viewing everything along the end rows, it was back to the food vendors for an Italian cannoli and a vanilla Gelato. We killed a bit more time listening to band music and then Vick had a Puerto Rican beef patty and plantains while I had fried dough. Now if that wasn't enough for a day long stay at a once a year festival....we finished up with two
fried Maryland style crab cakes. After a walk to the shuttle loading area, we headed to our car and then was on our way home. What a very delightful day spent with the one I love.
(Oh Yeah.....and we came home with $72.50 less than we had when we started out this morning.............)

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