Thursday, September 3

Thurs Sept. 3rd... Another Beautiful Fall Like Day in Upstate New York...

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Although autumn or fall does not officially start here in the northern hemisphere until exactly 5:18pm EDT, on September 22nd, has all but arrived here in Greenville, New York...and we love it! It makes it a little uncomfy to swim anymore, but it sure makes it nice to perform the jobs needing done without sweating all the time. It seems more like a time when you could enjoy taking a walk or going fishing or having a get together and a Bar-B-Q with friends.
Speaking of that... we are having a clam boil for family and some friends this weekend. I know a good time will be had by all since we can now sit on the rear deck, out of the sun or rain and cook on the grill despite what the weather does.
Last night we grilled steaks and cooked purple potatoes on the three burner gas stove that we keep beside the grill. It is a great arrangement, because you can grill your meat and cook several other dishes on the stove all in one spot and if you cook or fry fish, the smell doesn’t waft throughout the house for ever more.
If you’ve never seen purple potatoes, which we got from Stanton’s farm Market on route 32, you need to look at the pictures below. They are really funky when seeing them for the first time. The taste is the same as a regular potato, but they are guaranteed fresher when purple and coming from a farm stand. You just don’t see these in cans or bags at the supermarket.
I finished the new site for Dr Michael Paster’s new site “” which will simply direct all inquiries for a capital region Chiropractor to the regular existing which we have had up for some time now. Doctor Paster, DC, offers spinal decompression and all the traditional Chiropractic services you can get elsewhere, but you will never experience the warm, at home feeling, of visiting the office at 16 New Karner Road in Guilderland. Carol, Joan and Jim will welcome you just as if you were a long lost friend, and Dr. Paster will treat you immediately and professionally yet with the care and commitment of a family member. You will never experience a personal service better than or equivalent to The SpinalAid Center of Guilderland.

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Funky look Spuds...Right?

Look Good enough to eat don't they?

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