Wednesday, September 2

Wed. Sept 2nd... Feelin’ Good and Trying To Get Things Done...BUT Ain’t workin’...

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I felt great this morning! I worked on a few changes to the poetry book so it can be sent off to the printer for the final printing. Perhaps I will ask for another proof, rather than be caught with 100 books with a mistake in it. When I finished the book rewrites and publishing I sent the approval sheet back explaining the changes I made and asked for another proof copy to be sent. I mention it ain’t working..... I mean every time Vick or I tried to fax or copy something today, we got errors...beep,beep.....beep, beep....I reloaded HP for my 1600 all-in-one and it still won’t feed paper. It doesn’t even try to feed paper and it says it out of paper, the stupid junk! All her’s kept saying was paper jam...paper jam...paper jam.
The real problem is that they don’t know why they won’t work and neither do we!
After working on that update, I went out to the Wilson house and got the chainsaw in the back of the trailer on the tractor and I cut the tree off of the fence in the alpaca’s pasture. That was quick. It only fell over back in March or maybe April... I can’t really remember. Anyway, it’s cut off and it really wasn’t all that long.
Now I want to run to GNH for an electrical box so I can put the fan and light on the rear deck for the Bar-B-Q this weekend.
Snavely is doing a lot better today. You’d never even guess she was operated on two days ago. She is still a little guarded with things, as we are with her also. No jumping and running around acting crazy when we have someone come to the door. Within another week, she will be just fine.
Gotta go get the box before they close and then talk Vick into something good to eat. I’ll blog on our progress later.......stay tuned....

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