Wednesday, September 30

Wednesday Sept 30th... The Last Day of September....What if We Said Simply, The Last Day?

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I sat here this morning in the dim light of dawn, sipping coffee and reading the news as usual, thinking about it being the last day of September... soon to be October. The wind had a chill and was blowing a constant, but lazy manner in which it gently rattled the leaves back and forth on the tree limbs. This constant rattling back and forth, combined with an occasional chilly rain fall, lends credence to the thousands of falling leaves, which blur the vision at each gust of the wind. It is as if old man winter is hiding just over the horizon, blowing his chilly breath across the field toward us. In retrospect of that thought, I presume he is doing just that.... lurking just around the corner, simply waiting for the chance to pounce on us with winter.
Just then, an old crow in the back yard let loose with a caw that broke my contemplation of winter and returned me to the news and the thought of it being the last of day of September. It was then that it struck me full force, that anytime of the day or night, it may very well be the last day period.
If you have been reading, watching or listening to the world news in the last day or so, you've surely heard about Iran and their nuclear program advancement. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has publically denounced the making of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, saying the Uranium enrichment program is simply to provide nuclear power to generate electricity for their homes and industry. Somehow I have trouble believing this.... actually I have trouble believing anything this guy says about caring for his country, his country's people or the welfare of any other country in the world he would love to dominate.
Lets face it, most Americans can't really be sure about what our own government is doing behind our backs, let alone know what is going on half way around the world, but I'll grant you that my first statement is a viable possibility, if anything goes wrong in this day and age, no matter who initiates it.... or who responds to it!
Do you know.... if everyone would stay home, quit sticking their noses in other countries activities and mind their own business, we would have absolutely no need for guns or weapons of any kind. If every American would stay home, mind their own business and when they do leave home, make sure not to impose on another person in any way, we wouldn't need police, guns or any weapons here either.
Wouldn't it be nice to hear how all crime...everywhere in the world has ceased to exist and there is no threat of war or crime all? How can we ever hope to see that in a world where a husband beats his wife or kids... drinks...does drugs... lies and steals, then cheats on his spouse? How...I ask close to home, let along half way around the world...with many countries that believe killing is God's will?
These countries will stop at nothing to control the world and all who are left living. They treat their women and children as something beneath them, inflicting pain and anguish at will, killing anyone that doesn't constantly conform to their thoughts and believe that if you are not one of them, you must be killed.
How then do we as intelligent people, survive such a threat and maintain our own morals of living....trying to live as God wants us to by loving our neighbor as ourselves? We remember that thou shall not kill... nor shall you keep company with the unclean at heart, but what can you do when they come for you... or aim that missile into your backyard?
We know this; you cannot reason with a people that will line up, volunteer to strap a bomb to themselves and are willing to walk into a group of innocent men, women and children to detonate that bomb to make a statement. What is their statement, beyond "I am stupid, irresponsible, uncaring, murderous and a puppet...because I just did the first thing God said not to do... shed the blood of an innocent person."
In light of all this, don't you think that any day could really be the LAST DAY?
All we can do is ask our loving God to wrap us all in his protecting arms if it comes to that.

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