Friday, October 2

Thurs Oct 1st... Wow what a day... Running...Running...Running... Tomorrow too...

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Today was a busy day; I'm tired and going to bed soon, but needed to post a short blog entry...
I went to the rheumatologist today in Troy, NY. He's nice but didn't conclude anything as yet. I have to go give blood to do some extensive bloodwork to determine what this could be, and then he'll treat the condition. I'm satisfied.

After leaving him, we went to Schenectady to drop off artwork of Vicki's at Kim's studio. Visual Winds is a great place to have copies or fine art prints made.

From there we stopped at the Price Chopper supermarket and bought groceries.
When we got home, we put them away and jumped back into the car and went to Stanley Maltzman's house with some artwork Kim had finished for him, so we brought them home for him. There was a painting there for his daughter Susan Story also.

From there we went to a saw mill to arrange the cutting of lumber for the hospice gift shop.

When we came home, I was beat and took a nap. Now I'm gonna go to bed, because tomorrow is the Hildene fall arts and crafts festival in Manchester, Vermont. See We never miss this one. There are also a multitude of events in this area which you can check out at the following also....
There are many fall foliage festivals in the Vermont area, which makes it a pleasure to visit there at this time of the year.

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