Friday, October 2

Friday October 2nd... My Books are on a UPS Truck Heading Our Way...

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Late yesterday afternoon, I received an email from my printer in Pennsylvania stating that they were delighted to report my books were shipped out yesterday and are on their way to me via UPS ground. friends, will be a monumental moment in my life...when I hold my first official, published book, tangibly within my hands. I have teachers somewhere in Heaven that will shake their heads in sheer dis-belief, telling one another they never knew I had it in me. I never showed the potential to become a writer. I had written poetry secretly for years...since I was a small boy of eleven or so, but seldom allowed but a scant few to read the contents of such. They rolled their eyes or muttered that it didn't make any sense to them and gave it back or threw it away. Surprise, Surprise...I hope my Mom is looking down and smiling at my accomplishment, for she liked the little bit she had seen. I fear it to be way over my eighty-two year old Father's head, for he is a simple man, with limited abilities due to Parkinson's and diabetes...but he will proudly show off his copy to all he knows, you can bet... When they ask him what it's all about, he'll just smile and say "Hell, I don't know, but my boy's way smarter than I'll ever be." Perhaps this is true in a few ways, but not all... Dad, not all the important ones anyway.........
My biggest help in the production, editing, proofreading and publishing of this book was my wife...the love of my soulmate, and beautiful lady, Sweet Vicki. Without her constant support and nudging, I would have produced a substandard imitation of a good book. Now I need allow the world to judge my efforts, knowing within myself, that Vicki's judgment is all I really needed to know I've succeeded. I felt happy for Dr. Loraine Alderman, Psy.D., our daughter-in-law, when her book "Don't you get it?" came out, but I really didn't understand until now...exactly how she felt.Well.... here it is nine o'clock...Time to awaken Vick and head for the Hildene foliage art and craft festival in Manchester, Vermont. Today will be a day long pleasure of a ride up route 7 into Manchester Depot, where we'll drive west on route 11 & 30 to 7A to the Hildene meadow, where the event will be held. Gotta get moving.... See ya all later.

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